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Synonyms for coquettishly

in a flirtatious manner

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Her gestures seem coquettishly feminine: "C'est comme une petite maitresse
He turns his head coquettishly to and fro, minces like a mannequin.
Nevertheless, neither Dona Juana nor Dona Luisa are actually promiscuous; they coquettishly flirt with their "victims," but never go so far as to "dishonor themselves.
I]n diesem Fall schien es ihr, ais sei die Wurde des Todes dadurch missachtet worden, dass dieser Mann seine Unfahigkeit zu leben kokett in einem Buch demonstrierte, um dann schliesslich seinem atemlos lauschenden, sensationslusternen Publikum den Gefallen zu tun, sich umzubringen" (German original 39) (In this case it seemed to her that the dignity of death had been flouted, that in his book this man had coquettishly demonstrated his inability to live, only in the end to do his breathlessly waiting, sensation-hungry audience the favor of committing suicide).
While their relatively young ages and positioning by the camera may be seen as constructing them as innocent and vulnerable (see Kress & van Leeuwen, 2006), tilts of the head and flirtatious glancing through eyelashes simultaneously depict them as coquettishly provocative (Walkerdine, 1999).
An elegant knee length shift is the ideal shape to show off your figure but keep your shoulders and legs coquettishly covered up.
I only followed how delicately, coquettishly, bashfully, bewilderingly she opened her mouth, flooding the entire room, since she is a native Russian, with her perfect pronunciation, her enunciation of ts ** and faultlessly articulated sounds and Nachschlagvokal, the same thing with which Dzurnik the lecturer had tormented us to exhaustion in our phonetics and phonology class, Ivan Stepanovich.
Most of the individuals photographed stare neutrally into the camera or look away from it, but a few are clearly aware of their opportunity to engage the viewer playfully and even, indeed, coquettishly.
But it isn't all knights in shining armor and damsels winking coquettishly.
Xpetra has hair down to her knees and she had braided it very coquettishly with red yarn pompons.
After exactly one second Alfredo coolly saunters on, nonchalantly hands me his hat and spies the lovely Violetta, coquettishly fanning herself downstage.
When the latter leaves her, she attempts to "be very 'modern' about it," and disports herself coquettishly when introduced to Kingham.
Thus arrayed, she walks coquettishly in a manner that makes her hips seem to roll and swing to the rhythm of her clicking slippers [and] tinkling bracelets .
There are representations of this scene by artists including Jean Mignon, Veronese and Brueghel, depicting various stages of the tale, some with women coquettishly trying to cover themselves up and some with Actaeon transforming into a stag.
And noting the external barricades imposed upon this flow by the occurrences in the bathhouse--as well as his resulting internal persecution by incomprehensible forces--he tried coquettishly to hide this new flaw in his metaphysical mirror.