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Synonyms for coquettish

Synonyms for coquettish

given to flirting

Synonyms for coquettish

like a coquette


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30PM There'll be no more romantic scene this Valentine weekend than coquettish spaniel Lady sharing a bowl of bistro spaghetti with local scamp Tramp.
In general, Filipinas can be coquettish "but they are not flirts"; moreover, their concept of marriage and "duty to their own husbands and children is high and noble.
When women call men they do not know in their homes or offices and use a soothing and coquettish tone of voice to make them accept specific offers, we have a serious problem because the conversation could ultimately lead to soliciting and blackmailing," he said during an interview on a private television channel.
The plot takes place at a small village in Italy and it narrates the love of a poor villager, Nemorino, for the beautiful, rich and coquettish Adina who is flirting with captain Belcore.
After her latest album "Ihsas" (Feelings) took first place from Tamer Hosny as the most sold album in Beirut and Egypt, coquettish singer Carole Samaha knows the next step to success and staying on top of the Egyptian superstar is to make it big in the music video scene.
Further relief came as the opera's prima donna, Emma Nash as Eurydice, gave a skilful and coquettish rendition of the opening aria.
The explicit black-and-white images feature coquettish poses, fetishistic clothing, and nudity.
Given that the other covers had been so evocative or even coquettish (I'm sure some readers would argue that a book cover can be coquettish), the juxtaposition surprised me.
Call the Midwife (BBC1, 8pm) Things are getting serious between Chummy (Miranda Hart) and Constable Noakes this week and as their relationship goes up a level her friends give her tips on how to appear coquettish.
Del Rey, pictured, chooses her voice depending on the characters she's playing, from brooding, affected or coquettish plaything, switching from a deep dredged-up drawl with bass guitar and echoey drum machine, to a cutesy Betty Boop, singing of ice cream and cinnamon.
Her Cosi fan Tutte aria was coquettish with an ingenious touch of heart fluttering excitement; her technically difficult aria from Mignon beautifully sustained, and the awkward intervals and stretched tonality of her William Bolcom cabaret numbers breathtakingly managed.
Transparent red garments are only for times of coquettish confidence - if at all - but certainly not for your first tender moments.
The comical tale featuring two clowns was coquettish and charming.
His bar dancer antics became a rage as the coquettish character would call up prospective clients and ask them: "Pehchan kaun?
But love her or hate her, she struck the right chords with the audience, lacing her songs with cheeky, coquettish humour and sipping tea from a merchandise mug which she plugged at every chance.