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Synonyms for coquettish

Synonyms for coquettish

given to flirting

Synonyms for coquettish

like a coquette


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He felt that, influenced by her ambitions and coquettish disposition, Teresa might escape him.
cried Anna Mikhaylovna as he went, with the smile of a coquettish girl, which at one time probably came naturally to her, but was now very ill-suited to her careworn face.
She was in such good spirits that she was inclined to be coquettish, even when there was no man present to fascinate.
But he liked it because it was so different from the coquettish clatter of most of the girls with whom he talked.
answered Prince, who disliked Miss Blish because she tried to be coquettish with him.
He approaches his mistress in a series of coquettish curves.
And it was by a certain swimming deed that I won from her more than coquettish smiles and shy timidities of feigned retreat.
The sea laughed and flashed and preened and allured, like a beautiful, coquettish woman.
I never had such luck, really,' exclaimed coquettish Miss Price, after another hand or two.
Everything in her nature was a cause of suffering to her--her indolence, her kindness of heart, her coquetry; for she is coquettish, dainty, and inquisitive, in short, she is a woman; she is as simple as a child, and, like a child, she is carried away by her tastes and her impressions.
My Eliza was charming beyond description, coquettish without affectation, and evidently more desirous to engage my attention than that of all the room besides.
Across the floor Maggie sailed like a coquettish yacht convoyed by a stately cruiser.
Never had Dolly looked so handsome as she did then, in all the glow and grace of youth, with all her charms increased a hundredfold by a most becoming dress, by a thousand little coquettish ways which nobody could assume with a better grace, and all the sparkling expectation of that accursed party.
He looked at the beautiful brown hair, shading the coquettish face; he looked at the free dash of the signature, which was a bold one for a woman's; and then they looked at one another.
With these words, after many pretty little coquettish doubts and fears, and wishes that she might not have lost it, Mary produced the letter from behind the nicest little muslin tucker possible, and handed it to Sam, who thereupon kissed it with much gallantry and devotion.