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(of literary or musical or dramatic or artistic work) protected by copyright

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These studies are not what economists would call growth accounting exercises, which seek to estimate the contribution of specific factors to national economic performance, such as the contribution of copyrighted works and enterprises to productivity.
While there, I recommend downloading a copy of "Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians" (found under Publications>Circulars and Brochures), which offers guidelines on what you may copy as a teacher.
In the music industry, compulsory licensing guarantees, for a reasonable fee, the availability of copyrighted material for use by others, even when the original creator would not of her own accord have granted a license.
The most troublesome question for Wollenberg was whether Congress' protection of "all copyrightable component parts" within a copyrighted work extended to cartoon characters.
All Random Lengths publications, including the price guides and market reports, are the property of Random Lengths, and contain proprietary information and copyrighted material.
This article will discuss several strands within the dilemma of the Internet and copyright: the law, including fair use; public domain; the Digital Millennium Copyright Act; the Technology, Education, and Copyright Harmonization Act; the Sonny Bono Extension Act; owners and users of copyrighted works and how the library and its role with respect to access comes into play; what we as librarians can do to make intellectual property a "smoother sell" to those with whom we work; and other intellectual property issues that may impact our interpretations of copyright law.
Absent a shift in "the benefits and burdens" from the buyer to the seller, the transaction is deemed a lease of a copyrighted article and the income is sourced as a royalty.
That is to say, there are limitations placed on what can be considered a copyrighted work.
The ruling said that Napster must regularly search its site for copyrighted material and remove it, though recording companies are required to instruct Napster as to which copyrights are being violated.
A composer's right to a royalty for use of copyrighted music at a public performance has never been questioned by Dance Magazine.
Storage of a copyrighted work without the writer's permission would violate copyright law.
announced today that it has just completed the acquisition of exclusive rights to the copyrighted music in Frank Capra's classic film, "It's a Wonderful Life," that will allow Republic to preserve and protect the integrity of Capra's masterpiece.
Universities are starting to review their "intellectual-property" policies, covering everything from copyrighted textbooks to patented inventions, to see where computer software fits in.
It provides detailed coverage of: copyright requirements; the duration of copyright; copyright forfeiture and abandonment; the publication requirement; non-protectible elements within a copyrighted work; restoration of copyrights to foreign works under GATT; conducting copyright renewal searches; non-copyright restrictions that may protect works in the public domain; and many other important issues.
It encourages authors to preserve, disseminate and make new uses of existing copyrighted works as well as to create new works.