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(of literary or musical or dramatic or artistic work) protected by copyright

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Other possible spots might be Creative Commons; the Copyright Clearance Center, where currently copyrighted works are submitted, listed, and priced for reuse requests; or even the Authors Guild.
These studies are not what economists would call growth accounting exercises, which seek to estimate the contribution of specific factors to national economic performance, such as the contribution of copyrighted works and enterprises to productivity.
This FAQ webpage addresses many issues involving copyright infringement including a) definition of copyright, b) what is copyright infringement, c) how peer to peer file sharing software relates to copyright infringement, d) the risks of using peer to peer file sharing software, e) how to lawfully download copyrighted software, f) how to report copyright violations, g)what to do if one's copyright is violated, h) industry specific internet anti-piracy resources, and i) additional related resources.
the distribution of copies or phonorecords (11) of the copyrighted work;
While there, I recommend downloading a copy of "Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians" (found under Publications>Circulars and Brochures), which offers guidelines on what you may copy as a teacher.
In the music industry, compulsory licensing guarantees, for a reasonable fee, the availability of copyrighted material for use by others, even when the original creator would not of her own accord have granted a license.
virtually all use of his copyrighted material and the regime he creates
The most troublesome question for Wollenberg was whether Congress' protection of "all copyrightable component parts" within a copyrighted work extended to cartoon characters.
All Random Lengths publications, including the price guides and market reports, are the property of Random Lengths, and contain proprietary information and copyrighted material.
Did you know that every e-mail you write, every Web page you create, anything that you generate in a tangible form is automatically copyrighted by United States law--whether you officially register it with the U.
To prepare a derivative computer program based on the copyrighted computer program.
Berman said co-owner Linn Skinner's ``livelihood has been destroyed by Internet piracy'' as her copyrighted works have been copied and posted on hundreds of P2P networks.
Written for attorneys representing both owners and users of copyrighted material, the handbook analyzes the basics of copyright protection, the elements of copyright infringement, international copyright laws, copyright protection in cyberspace, legal decisions, specific legislation, including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Uniform Computer Technology Act, and new technologies being used to manage the use and distribution of digital information.
That is to say, there are limitations placed on what can be considered a copyrighted work.
As a service that makes the swapping of copyrighted material effortless, Napster clearly must share some of the blame for the misuse of intellectual property.