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Synonyms for copyright

a document granting exclusive right to publish and sell literary or musical or artistic work

secure a copyright on a written work

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resolve disputes over potentially copyrightable works.
This Note argues that, although "flash art" and other drawings upon which a tattoo may be based are likely copyrightable subject matter under the Copyright Act of 1976 (17) (Copyright Act), the policy implications of granting copyright protection to tattoos militate against extending such protection.
Under current law, the literary expressions of mandatory words are not copyrightable subject matter.
translations were copyrightable to the extent they were original.
191) The idea/expression dichotomy is the principle that copyright does not protect the ideas embodied in copyrightable works but rather the expression in which those ideas are conveyed.
Later, Judge William Alsup decided that Java APIs were not copyrightable and dismissed Oracle's suit.
required to comport its copyrightable subject matter standard with its
But he said the authority was pleased that the judges had ruled pubs would be in breach if they used foreign TV services which broadcast the Premier League's copyrightable materials such as their anthem, or clips of previous matches.
173) The court determined that the fact that the each experience would differ slightly because each player's choices would change the game sequence was of no moment because the individual copyrightable aspects of the videotape, such as the sounds heard, the terrain, the player's spaceship, all remained constant.
Whitmill's copyright through its unauthorized copying, distribution and public display of the pirated tattoo in advertising and promotion for the movie and by making an unauthorized derivative work - namely, the pirated tattoo - that is based upon and copies virtually all of the copyrightable subject matter of the original tattoo," the complaint states.
While the former are copyrightable, the latter are not.
A contractual clause could, for instance, prohibit the reproduction of a non copyrightable element in a copyright work, such as an insufficiently original fact.
Categories that once were mutually exclusive (such as copyrightable and patentable) have suddenly become overlapping.
The problem in this situation is that copyright protection and enforcement may be too weak to stimulate creativity in copyrightable works.
copyrightable, and a unique character, one who is copyrightable.