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Synonyms for copyright

a document granting exclusive right to publish and sell literary or musical or artistic work

secure a copyright on a written work

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A copyright is considered active as soon as you can A prove it's being used in the business world.
As a result, debates about copyright policies should focus not so much on the desirability of strict or lax copyright protection, but on the appropriate design of copyright systems.
The Vice Director General of the China Audio & Video Copyright Association and Vice Director of the Karaoke Copyright Operation Center, Mr.
Despite multiple prominent copyright notices and repeated specific warnings, and despite previous assurances denying infringement and assuring IMF that steps had been taken to confirm no infringement was taking place, Credit Suisse made multiple copies [of the newsletters in question] on a regular basis [and] over a substantial period of time," the complaint reads.
Another informative site is Benedict O'Mahoney's Copyright Website (www.
So far as it purports to address copyright, however, this statement is unlikely to communicate much to general readers--most of whom haven't studied the Copyright Act--other than the warning that taking pictures is a riskier business than one may have realized.
But copyright gives the creator or first owner of any original work the legal right to control how that work may be used ( rewarding creators for their efforts and encouraging future creativity.
Disney accused the Pirates of copyright infringement, trademark infringement, unfair competition, intentional interference with business, and trade disparagement through the wrongful use of its characters.
None of this was illegal as long as he stuck to Hawthorne, whose work had lost its copyright protection nearly a century ago.
If you don't register copyright of your work, and someone pirates it and makes money off it, and you sue, you have no legal recourse in the courts," says e-Site[TM] software Product Manager, Nima Kelly "Copyright registration is indisputable legal proof [of ownership].
This article considers the following: fair use and the Internet; current and prospective law and electronic media, especially concerning interlibrary loan and online reserves; publishers and users; and the impact that copyright law has on the role of the library and the issue of free access.
861-18(c)(2), a transfer of a computer program is classified as a transfer of a copyright right if a person acquires one or more of the following rights:
WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court on Wednesday handed a major victory to Hollywood by upholding a copyright extension that keeps the original ``Mickey Mouse'' in Disney's cast until 2024 and protects owners' and creators' profits from books, movies and songs for an additional 20 years.
It is also important to distinguish copyright from other forms of intellectual property.
Just like Aboriginal rights, copyright is intangible.