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edit and correct (written or printed material)

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Few of the functions of copyreading thus described are performed well on the Washpost, at least on my side of the room, and many are not performed at all.
desk prejudices with them, seem to misunderstand and/or distrust the copyreading function.
Bad copyreading takes two forms: the rim man fails to do the things he should, and he does the things he shouldn't.
When I first came here nine years ago there was virtually no copyreading at all, as such.
All this has generated bad morale (as bad as I've seen on any rim) and relative idleness, which in turn has generated more bad copyreading, which in turn has heightened distrust of the rim and prompted us to curb their function still further, and so on.
The way to keep copyreaders happy (some of them for all time, and others for the duration of their stay) is to make them feel that what they are doing is creative, essential, and respected, and--for the greater number who do not wish to make copyreading a profession--that their stay on the rim is not a life sentence.
I realized, of course, that there is no absolute division between editing and copyreading.
The editing and copyreading functions can be performed by the same desk man, if he possesses both skills but both must be performed by someone if the paper is to be well edited, and if they are performed by the same man he usually must work the story over twice.
If, for example, we opt to experiment by making the foreign desk responsible for its own copyreading, I would expect that before too many months had passed, some of the men we'd taken from the rim--if they were the right men--would be doing some editing, and some of the assistant foreign editors would be seeing stories through from the raw-copy folder to the last paragraph mark and the last subhead.