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a medieval form of land tenure in England

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If you are buying residential property, you may not be concerned if the legal title to it states that the mines and minerals are excluded from the registration or the land was formerly copyhold and there are rights reserved to a Lord of the Manor, because you may believe that it is unlikely that they will ever be worked.
On 9 May 1781, when Samuel junior was admitted to copyhold land, John Henshaw and his brother-in-law George Walford were the homagers present at the court.
when he was mentioned in the manorial court rolls, serving on the inquisicio magna of the view of frankpledge, as constable, and standing regularly as a pledge for transactions in copyhold land.
Surrender: Renunciar a una propiedad en copyhold a favor del senor del menor.
A map dated 1654 shows Elswick Park, surrounded by 10 privately owned copyhold farms, owned by; Anderson, Bell, Wallis, Bartram, Riddell, Errington, Newton, Swinburn, Hodgson and my ancestor Henry Turnbull.
The MDR was set up at the Public Record Office in 1926 following the 1922 Law of Property Act, which abolished copyhold tenure.
Copyhold tenure was a relic from medieval times, where the lord of the manor was entitled to certain small rents from the land's occupier and, in some places like Sedgley, to the minerals under the surface.
In 1858 Leonard Shelford explains in his Laws of Copyhold that the practice of holding title by custom still applies to copyhold tenants, who can defend their title by proving the practice's "existence at a distant time .
The Court of the Chancery was created to provide some kind of oversight and, by the sixteenth century, it covered matters that did not fall under Common Law: a few extraordinary property matters such as copyhold and efeoffment.
These range from written leases, similar to the English copyhold, to the uniquely Scottish principle of kindness, a kinship-derived, heritable, and assignable right to occupancy.
My reply was: 'I would give every tenant of ours the freehold or copyhold of his or her house free of charge if they would sign an undertaking to (a) vest that ownership into a self-governing co-operative and (b), if they wanted to sell it, they could only sell it back to the co-operative.
39) Copyhold provides a convenient example of this technique of `accommodation'.
The statute did not list copyhold interests, which were used to transfer Church property in Heydon's Case.
Byrd, however, affected to demise the copyhold to Caswell, who assigned his interest to King: