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a medieval form of land tenure in England

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Nearly all gentlemen, but only half of the husbandmen and yeomen still owned a house or some land as copyhold.
On 9 May 1781, when Samuel junior was admitted to copyhold land, John Henshaw and his brother-in-law George Walford were the homagers present at the court.
When, nevertheless, transactions in land--surrender and admission to copyhold land--were expected (and so some mechanism must have been involved to signal this prospect), the court baron was presided over by the local gentry in their delegated capacity, Skipwith and Belgrave by letters of attorney or commission from the lord.
Miss PRUDENCE M DAILEY, Chairman, Prayer Book Society, The Studio, Copyhold Farm, Lady Grove, Goring Heath, Reading RG8 7RT
Here, as always, he is careful to define his terms--custom itself, copyhold, and their relationship with the common law.
One grisly aspect of the raid on the house in Copyhold Lane was the discovery of a girlie magazine containing an article entitled The Hit Man's Holiday, the true story of a murder victim being dismembered to prevent identification.
Villeinage and copyhold farms were almost non-present in this region of Denmark in the first half of the 19th century, while more than 60% of the farmers on the eastern isles of Denmark were copyholders (Bjorn, 1988).