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edit and correct (written or printed material)

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And at the same time, my students help me be a better copyeditor by making note of particular challenge areas in their own writing that I can be cognizant of when I'm copyediting.
However, this identification is not complete as the narrator realizes that he, as a "copyeditor," can never quite identify with the souls of the witnesses: "my thoughts playing some kind of disorganized ping-pong game, if at the time I had been a novelist, needless to say, and not just a copyeditor of barbarous cruelties who dreamed of being what he was not" (Castellanos Moya 62).
As we authors continue to hope that copyeditors will once again be held to a high standard, we can celebrate this compelling, award-winning book and the wealth of new material Llano invites us to explore.
John Willson, in "The End of a Myth" (Views, April), and the Chronicles copyeditor could mistakenly confuse Icarus with Phaeton.
The book, as published, reads more like a draft document ready to go to the copyeditor.
At the end, the content editor sends the manuscript to the production editor (or managing editor) who assigns a copyeditor to finalize the manuscript.
The openness of authors to revision and cooperative work with the copyeditor and editors, also makes for a high quality experience for all, and a high quality finished product.
We will charge a 15% commission for our services in helping them project manage everything from choosing a cover artist to working with a copyeditor to uploading their work.
It appears that the copyeditor for The Collected Prose did not correct these errors when the original text was scanned and reformatted for this edition.
During his life, his wife Carolyn had served as his typist, copyeditor, and sounding board, but with his death her role expanded to that of compiler, editor, and literary executor.
I need, however, to thank individually a few remarkable people with whom I've had the honour and pleasure of working closely: David Parker, former managing editor; Amitava Chowdhury, current managing editor; Viviana Patroni, book review editor; Stephanie Rousseau, book review editor (French); and Eileen Eckert, University of Calgary Press copyeditor.
Root, Professor of Music and Director of the Center for American Music at the University of Pittsburgh, has worked as both a copyeditor and advisory editor on the 1980 New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians under Stanley Sadie, was an integral part of the creation of Resources of American Music: A Directory of Source Materials, and is founder and director of the Voices Across Time project.
The lethal pencil slingshot's gonna work great on the copyeditor, and try not to blow your fingers off with the matchbox bomb.
It is, in conclusion, a pleasure to report that the clarity and elegance of Strychacz's prose is matched by the work of publisher and copyeditor.
Bektore's informative presentation of his life is ultimately successful and would be greatly improved by the addition of an index and some time with a good copyeditor.