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edit and correct (written or printed material)

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As we authors continue to hope that copyeditors will once again be held to a high standard, we can celebrate this compelling, award-winning book and the wealth of new material Llano invites us to explore.
Who doesn't want to be the one woman who can prove to a man that there's more to life than the next fawning copyeditor at whatever foreign bureau he is directing?
She rendered great service as volunteer copyeditor in addition to her major editorial tasks.
Given the paucity of studies on al-Zabidi, this is a most welcome addition and one hopes that a second edition will correct the numerous spelling errors, remove glaring translation mistakes, and employ the services of a competent copyeditor so that the work can find its rightful place among studies of the luminaries of Islamic intellectual tradition.
Her publishing career began at Butterworth Heinemann where she rose through the company to run journals and books from an early beginning as a copyeditor.
Prior to being sent to the typesetter, the contents of each volume will have been subjected to several rounds of review by the copyeditor and general editors with a view toward ironing out the inconsistencies in presentation that inevitably creep into a work of this size.
During his life, his wife Carolyn had served as his typist, copyeditor, and sounding board, but with his death her role expanded to that of compiler, editor, and literary executor.
I need, however, to thank individually a few remarkable people with whom I've had the honour and pleasure of working closely: David Parker, former managing editor; Amitava Chowdhury, current managing editor; Viviana Patroni, book review editor; Stephanie Rousseau, book review editor (French); and Eileen Eckert, University of Calgary Press copyeditor.
Only when the copyeditor for Grove Press insisted on spelling out the Roman numeral was "Sixty-four" substituted for "xxx" or "XXX.
Thanks are also due to Steven Fine, Debra Kaplan, Will Lee, and Shulamith Berger for sparking my interest in Jewish culture and the history of Yeshiva University; Jeremy Stern, Olivia Wiznitzer, Matthew Williams, and Daniel Feldman for assisting me in polishing my arguments and writing; my parents Beverly and Michael Kastner and siblings Jenny, David, and Ayelet for motivating me to complete this project; and my wife Adina who, aside from being an exceptional and brutal copyeditor, showed great patience as I devoted too much of our first year of marriage to this and other academic projects.
The lethal pencil slingshot's gonna work great on the copyeditor, and try not to blow your fingers off with the matchbox bomb.
Further, as for an inaccuracy attributable more to this book's copyeditor than its author, Gwen Boniface is mistakenly listed on p.
Alice Hackman, journalist and copyeditor told Khair Aldin that if this was his idea of a practical joke, her sense of humor was limitless.
Car moves to Brooklyn, where she finds work as a freelance copyeditor.
About the Author: Kirsten Russell is a freelance copyeditor and writer in Cocoa, Florida.