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edit and correct (written or printed material)

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The only drawback to this volume is the lack of copyediting, but the "adventure" comes through clearly despite this flaw.
The book is marred only by a lack of an index and poor copyediting, both of which could be remedied in future editions.
The New York company, which publishes textbooks and own the credit-ratings agency Standard & Poor's, said "340 people laid off mostly in the school textbook publishing division (40 in NY, including entire copyediting department - closing Los Angeles office completely).
Your Role in the Editorial Process: Strategies for Implementing Best Practices," a one-day workshop led by Copyediting editor Wendalyn Nichols: May 13 in N.
One might carp about lapses in copyediting and the high price of a small volume.
It should also be said that Uncut is riddled with copyediting errors.
It even skipped past our faulty eyes at first glance and was repeated on our Web site until a more able copyediting hand at another publication brought it to our attention.
While copyediting errors prove a slight distraction, Crook weaves together John's personal life and historical events into an engaging story.
Copyediting for a journal under rigorous deadlines can be highly stressful and, if the copyeditor doesn't acknowledge his or her limitations, simply exhausting.
The slight tragedy of this book, other than some copyediting mistakes ("the late Ronald H.
Based on the experience gained in publishing the previous issues, it was decided to use professional help for the copyediting, proofreading, and computer production work, a procedure that has been followed to the present time.
Halter goes through all this at a fine pace, (although there are so many spelling and punctuation errors that the reader will wonder if the copyediting was simulated as well.
Surface errors that cluster in some chapters suggest problems with the copyediting process.
As I printed out the manuscript, as page after 807 pages slid hot off the printer tray, I convinced myself that this was just another copyediting assignment.
Kassel Pierre-Jean, a 2005 Hofstra University graduate with a degree in print journalism, worked with the copyediting staff, while Yesenia Taveras, a senior at Morgan State University studying broadcast journalism, helped develop content for the radio program.