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edit and correct (written or printed material)

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It's been a really edifying--and slightly humbling--transition going from copyediting history textbooks to copyediting highly technical scientific research papers," Jason notes.
It offers project management service for books and journals, taking on key processes such as author liaison, development editing, copyediting, design, artwork and permissions, typesetting/composition, XML creation, ebook delivery, and backlist conversions.
Thanks are also due to Lesley O'Brien whose meticulous copyediting and promptness in keeping to deadlines have enabled us to publish the issue on schedule.
Minor copyediting mistakes (for example, 55n46 points to 134-35 for a discussion of the stational liturgy but should be 136-37) and the frequent use of the word "power" appended to some noun (for example, "medieval power politics" p.
The only drawback to this volume is the lack of copyediting, but the "adventure" comes through clearly despite this flaw.
The book is marred only by a lack of an index and poor copyediting, both of which could be remedied in future editions.
Glaukopis's problem is that it lacks copyediting and serious editorial supervision.
The New York company, which publishes textbooks and own the credit-ratings agency Standard & Poor's, said "340 people laid off mostly in the school textbook publishing division (40 in NY, including entire copyediting department - closing Los Angeles office completely).
Your Role in the Editorial Process: Strategies for Implementing Best Practices," a one-day workshop led by Copyediting editor Wendalyn Nichols: May 13 in N.
One might carp about lapses in copyediting and the high price of a small volume.
I was sure he would be irritated by the copyediting process.
Sometimes it's the little, self-published lesbian books that interest us, and they do so without expensive covers, marketing budgets, websites, or even rigorous copyediting.
All have given unselfishly of their time to provide first-rate advice on format and content--and have overseen and undertaken journal-related correspondence, copyediting, and production issues.
It even skipped past our faulty eyes at first glance and was repeated on our Web site until a more able copyediting hand at another publication brought it to our attention.
While copyediting errors prove a slight distraction, Crook weaves together John's personal life and historical events into an engaging story.