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Synonyms for copyedit

edit and correct (written or printed material)

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Expression of interest are invited for Short Term Consultancy to Copyedit Working Papers.
Here's an example of the difference: the verb copyedit is used frequently in "The Chicago Manual" and is listed in its recommended dictionary; it is not used in "The AP Stylebook" and listed only as copy-edit in its recommended dictionary.
Produce newsletter, copy write and copyedit stories, format product
10 Have the ability to copyedit for grades 6-8 based on the Flesh-Kincaid Reading Level test.
The reason, I suspect, is that they just don't know how to copyedit -- to turn obscurity into clarity, vague arguments into strong arguments, the dull into the lively, the pallid into the vivid, the disorganized into the organized.
Note: Light copyedit, copyedit, substantive edit, and editorial proofread are defined below.
Tenders are invited for Design, Layout, Copyedit, and Print JJC Magazine - Fall 2015 and Spring 2016
Jason copyedits the article manuscripts to ensure that they're grammatically correct and in AMS house style.
1) Because this work has been previously published, and because the articles were translated before our editors took a first look, we have tried as best we can--in order to avoid inadvertent substantive changes--to limit our copyedits to preserve the original meaning of the previously published articles, as well as to ease readability for an English-speaking audience.
Senselessness, El Salvadoran writer Horacio Castellanos Moya's first novel to be translated into English, barely mentions these names and dates, yet the basic elements of the story are present: In a nameless city, a nameless man copyedits an eleven-hundred-page, four-volume report chronicling the slaughter of an indigenous people by an unnamed military regime.