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someone who copies the words or behavior of another

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These kinds of copycat threats do happen after large, widely covered shootings, unfortunately.
There is nothing wrong about a super majority [in Congress] but what is wrong if this supermajority becomes a copycat of the President,' Lagman said as he pointed out that a separate review should be conducted by the lower house on whether the extension would still be necessary.
The result is Copycat Combat, which will not only raise awareness about the importance of Intellectual Property but will also help kids innovate.
CopyCat was distributed covertly inside a number of popular apps that were repackaged and posted in third-party app stores.
So, ask how you can get users invested in your game, such that a copycat loses its appeal.
Huangqiangbei has been a gray market notorious for selling copycat electronics.
Copycat sites simply copy customers' details to the official NHS site, where staff process the card for free and send it out.
There are fears media attention the killers receive may influence others to commit copycat crimes of a similar nature.
He used what he thought was an official website "He was not a vulnerable person - he was confident about using the internet and digital public services - but he was scammed by this copycat website.
A growing industry exists just to trick the public out of money CHRIS EVANS MP ON THE COPYCAT WEBSITES BOOM
A copycat website for a tax disc is a problem, but copycat websites for universal credit - should it ever be launched - will be, by an order of magnitude, a bigger problem for many of the poorer and least privileged among us, as well as for the Government.
Copycat fear over Corrie suicide HAYLEY Cropper's death in Coronation Street could spark copycat suicides, experts have warned.
DON'T be fooled by copycat websites when you're applying for a passport.
Surf the Web, and you're sure to stumble upon copycat pop songs and TV shows.
LIVERPOOL MPs pledged that a "bunch of copycat thugs" will not be allowed to wreck the city's image.