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a book containing models of good penmanship

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An intelligent access server that understands the complex data structures found in VSAM and IMS and eliminates the need for developing COBOL extract programs; automatic interpretation of metadata found in COBOL copybooks and IMS DBD files that supports easy mapping of arrays to the relational model; data visualization capabilities that allow the browsing and manipulation of any mainframe data source, regardless of it's internal complexity; an ETL case study showing data cleansing techniques for mainframe customer information; and rapid deployment strategies that get systems up and running in days rather than weeks or months.
CSI) has developed the proprietary "VISION 2000(SM)" service which provides an accurate, controlled, and verifiable solution for all COBOL and PL/1 main programs, subprograms, copybooks, JCL, database definitions and other software components requiring change to accommodate the year 2000 dates.
Scan source only -- Scan copybooks only -- NEW - Scan source code expanded with copybook contents (up to 7
Meta data importers that directly generate interface definitions from XML data type definitions (DTDs), COBOL Copybooks, and data structures for SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle and others.
After documenting all statements marked for changes either online or via printed reports, the user has the option to perform updates manually or allow the tool to automatically modify programs and copybooks so that these name and address fields expand from 25 positions to 40 positions.
0 also includes more sophisticated support for record mapping used in determining the offsets for fields defined in COBOL and PL/1 copybooks.
Metadata Management enhancements include support for XML Schema and COBOL copybooks, and more sophisticated data lineage capabilities required to assess the impact of changes from data elements to the software and business processes affected by them.
By offering a new metadata export path directly to the DDF metadata common to both CoSORT's SortCL data manipulation program and RowGen file synthesizer, MIMB users running major ETL, EII, BI and ERP tools -- as well as those with flat files defined in XML, Excel or COBOL Copybooks -- can automatically convert their pre-existing data descriptions for immediate use in SortCL (CoSORT) or RowGen applications.
In all, the project involved analysis of nearly 10 million lines of code that make up about 9,800 COBOL programs and 8,500 copybooks along with another 20,000 JCL and PROCs members, and around 1,000 IMS databases.
The assessment covered more than 234,000 components (70% of these coming from 3rd party packages and 30% from applications developed internally), including 37,000 COBOL programs, 94,000 copybooks, 37,500 executables, 45,500 JCL jobs, and 1,100 JCL Procs; a total of more than 30 million lines of code.
RowGen also includes separate metadata conversion utilities for Oracle SQL-Loader Control Files, MF COBOL copybooks, W3C ELF web logs, and Microsoft CSV.
ODO presents a major challenge to developers working on mainframe integration, because most integration solutions don't support ODO and REDEFINES, which are found in most copybooks, and require recoding or rewriting.