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Synonyms for copyright

a document granting exclusive right to publish and sell literary or musical or artistic work

secure a copyright on a written work

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Langley, of Buckinghamshire, denies 12 copy right and trademark breaches.
AGA Profess Graphics General Manager, Mrs Ruba Batayneh, said, "We always keep working under the copy right law because of our important position in Jordan Market.
Any disputes with regard to mechanisms constraining the benefits of the private copy right may be submitted to this Authority by any person claiming to be a beneficiary of the right of private copy.
It may be a quick question to ask, but when it comes to copy right, there is no such thing as a quick answer.
The raid was a joint operation between North Tyneside Trading Standards, Northumbria Police, Durham Constabulary & FACT (Federation Against Copy Right Theft).
So download your copy right now, or visit http://www.
He offers dozens of patterns of cunning styles that you can print out and copy right onto your pumpkin.
According to Deputy Director FIA Faraz Monis, following complaint from Manager SM Food Adeel Khan, the FIA under supervision of a judicial magistrate raided at Deen Food and recovered 11 different items of biscuits and candies with fake/copy of exactly resembled with original products registered under copy right act.
They also informed that this CSR event is the first and only IP registered CSR event of Pakistan and also having the copy right protection.
He said that 27 cases of copy right act, 12 power theft, two of cyber crimes, 30 of human trafficking, six of spurious drugs, eight of bribe and nine cases of other types were registered during last year.
The holder of the offer in full will manage the rights from publishers and also with the French Centre of the copy right Operation (setting up of a delegation).
He said regulators should have the right balance between intellectual copy right and the digital advancement.
She also said the US and UAE are working together to combat counterfeits and address copy right issues.
You can choose to copy right from a DVD disc or by choosing a folder on your PC to burn on a DVD disc.
htm) Megaupload was shut down in the United States and New Zealand in an effort to shut down sites that have allegedly engaged in copy right infringement.