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an editor who prepares text for publication

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Every time there's a reduction in staff," copy editor Reust says, "there is a period where you feel the load is just too much to handle.
This system will allow a small team of copy editors to maintain editorial quality over the long term.
Copy Editor Wanted for Borneo Research Council Publications
An almost comical example of this occurred recently when a copy editor walked into my office and snapped down a four-paragraph wire story about the Holy Father reminding divorced Catholics of their obligation to abstain from sex after remarriage.
Ryon also has been a copy editor and copy desk chief for the Journal, and worked briefly in Madison, Wis.
You would never hear a banjo player complain that there are too many banjo players, or a copy editor complain that the proliferation of copy editors is ruining life as we know it.
He started his career in 1994 as a copy editor and page designer at the Minot (N.
It said four reporters, a clerk, a copy editor, an assistant editor and a director were being let go, as well as a "maintenance employee.
When a new copy editor is being interviewed here, all the other copy editors come in and participate," he explains.
The author, Bill Walsh, is copy editor of the Washington Post, a job he has held since 1997.
Striking the Right Balance," led by Copy Editor editor Wendalyn Nichols.
Spoiling sport as only a copy editor would, I am compelled to suggest that the idea of repeatedly reliving the same events is not inherent in Groundhog Day, but rather traceable directly to the Bill Murray movie of that name.
When he arrived at the Post in 1964, after tours in Colorado Springs and Minneapolis, he was a copy editor.
Me, being the perfect editor and copy editor, would no doubt have challenged that had I seen it before it got into print," Fellone said.
Moore worked as a police reporter, political reporter, copy editor and city editor before rising to upper management.