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putting something into a form suitable for a printer

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It has moved to an integrated copy desk, and reorganised its newsroom to a hub-and-spoke layout.
Or perhaps someone on the copy desk did it deliberately.
Mateja started at the Chicago Tribune on the business copy desk in 1967 and became the paper's automotive writer in 1970.
This tends to be in short, snappy sentences or sentence fragments, suitable for use by rappers, alternating with poetical effusions begotten on an ad agency copy desk.
He worked part-time on the Toronto Star's night copy desk in order to stay in touch with the latest in news, trends and computer editing techniques.
Many of the words of caution I received from the copy desk weren't in the "style book" (the compendium of do's and don'ts), but were part of Times tradition.
We all need someone to act as the "slot" on the copy desk, giving our editorials one more thorough read.
Watching Toledo, I thought of the times I've had to patiently explain to the copy desk that 1,400 words is not too much to write about the featured appaloosa race at the Pomona fairgrounds.
Tokushige Nabetani, a 39-year-old member of the copy desk of the newspaper's Nagoya regional headquarters, denied the allegations, according to the Aichi prefectural police.
It was like walking into a room full of oxygen," Kovach said later, though he did quarrel with the Times' staid copy desk over elements of style.
Several columns ago, when I wrote that "students, disability activists, and pro-lifers" were demonstrating at Princeton, the copy desk here at U.
The new strategy combines the news desk, copy desk and design desk operations into a single unit producing both the print editions and delivering stories and videos to the Web twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
Appoints Sarah Thomas as Editorial Operations Director and Strengthens Copy Desk with Eryn Leavens
The Indianapolis Star said that it will lay off five of its 11 photographers and eliminate the copy desk.
Talk about speed: Stories were at the copy desk by 8 p.