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Each cell in the body must store, express and copy DNA that is approximately two meters long, which is 200,000 times the width of the cell.
The recent addition of new, highly experienced executives at Enzo Life Sciences and in the Finance Group underscores our commitment to our company's broad-based strategic direction, as has the acquisition of a license for the production and marketing of single copy DNA probes that will facilitate our entry into the growing cytogenetics market.
5) Molecular biologists have been working on a nanoscale to manipulate genetic material from a variety of organisms (human, animal, insect, plant, bacteria, virus) for over 25 years, with the ability to isolate, cut, move, join, splice together, synthesize and copy DNA.
Meanwhile, PSNI Detective Inspector Sean Fitzpatrick said the police recovered seven spent cartridges from the living room and a low copy DNA was recovered from the cartridges.
Low copy DNA testing is a highly sensitive technique used to test DNA samples 1,000 times smaller than a grain of salt.
When a PCR experiment is completed, over a million copies of the original DNA of interest have been obtained as complementary or copy DNA (cDNA).