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Synonyms for copulative

an equating verb (such as 'be' or 'become') that links the subject with the complement of a sentence

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syntactically connecting sentences or elements of a sentence

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In this sense, they are not always in the same relation as the minimal pair nice/nicely with verbs that admit an intransitive and a copulative interpretation, like smell, noted by Lyons (1966, cited in Payne et al.
Although Nkabinde supports the postulation of an underlying copulative verb stem *-li in the affirmative forms of the stative identificative copulatives, he rejects the existence of an underlying copulative verb stem in the negative forms of the copulative.
But what if the adjective is used attributively rather than as a predicate adjective following a copulative verb?
This is a grammatical point about the kind of copulative compound involved in the verse, namely an itaretara-dvandva, in which the emphasis is on the individual enumeration of the members of a group that exist in mutual relation to one another.
Thus the lexical notion and the copulative notion of "to be" sometimes come together in the logical copula as such.
At a later time, a similar grammaticalization or reanalysis from a demonstrative to a copulative function (with the dental initial *d-) occurred in the case of shi [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII TEXT] (Feng Shengli 1993).
Also registered is the copulative compound upadhy-upadana "Als-Besitz-Beanspruchen und Sich-zueigen-Machen" or "Hangen an den Dasienssubstraten und Ergreifen"; the corresponding Pali is upayupadana.
The noun-clause connected by waw copulative to a verbal clause (l thwsrw ly lhm, "Do not send me bread"), or its equivalent, always describes a state contemporaneous with the principal action.
Among the topics are the vernacular practice of naming the liturgical year, comparing the versions of the Old English Gospels in a semantic and syntactic study of periphrastic "model verb + infinitive" construction, metrical influences on constructions with complex predicates in Old English hypermetric verse, the pronoun it and the dating of Middle English texts, and changes in the clausal complement of the copulative perception verbs in American English.
syntactic minimalism and copulative certainty of this statement, along
Indebted probably to Boethius, the medieval mind was well aware of the distinction between existential and copulative use of "be", devoting a good bulk of work to its explication (Marenbon 1988:33, 108ff.
1) COPULATIVE, coupling or uniting words and expressions in the same line of thought; as and, also, as well as, moreover, etc.
In her introduction to Flaubert's book, translator Mrosovsky interprets the interaction of the Chimera and the Sphinx as copulative.
The women indicated that pop-offs and jump-offs are simultaneously reviled for their indiscriminate copulative patterns and revered for their sexual prowess.
He did so by questioning copulative grammar, problematizing the copula--the to-be verb--itself.