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The pair would call briefly and fly together to a foraging area when copulations occurred just after sunrise.
They then "project" their penises and each insert them into the other's vagina and start copulation.
How soon a plug forms after copulation is unclear because round-tailed ground squirrels were never seen copulating above ground.
These include: (1) absence of courtship, (2) initiation of copulation by males, (3) short duration of copulation (often less than 10 min), (4) postcopulatory guarding by males, and (5) polygamous copulation by females on short timescales.
In the present study we investigate the mating behavior of a tetrablemmid spider and compare the copulation duration of first and second copulations.
Here, we explore this possibility by measuring hatching success in relation to sexual cannibalism and in relation to the number and duration of copulations.
In some species after sperm transmission, males create mating plugs in the genital opening of the female to prevent further copulations (Masumoto 1993; Knoflach 1998).
This coercive behavior, associated with repeated copulations, is possibly another male strategy to increase paternity and the number of eggs that one female will lay inside the nest.
Extra-pair copulations and mate guarding in the polyterritorial pied flycatcher, Ficedula hypoleucia.
We also calculated Pearson's correlation coefficient (r) between each variable and the proportion of all and successful copulations each male obtained on its' respective lek.
However, we determined that when in competition, the smaller of the two males performed homosexual copulations at a significantly higher rate than the larger of the two males (paired t-test, t = 1.
We conclude that female pigeons trade pair copulations for protection (mate guarding) against sexual harassment from other males," the researchers say.
For extra-pair males however, the copulations are a win-win with the male increasing its reproductive success with limited investment, he says.
In total, the courtship behavior and copulations of T.