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Observations of copulation were collected during routine monitoring when all Whooping Cranes in the population were located 3-5 times per week to document their health, behavior, and associations with other cranes.
Future studies should establish empirically that plugs either prevent subsequent copulations or reduce passage of sperm in subsequent inseminations.
Of these, in 5 instances, we observed the initiation of copulation behavior in real time.
For by aligning the "authentic" with the First Folio, I intentionally signal a failure of copulation.
On 28 May 2008 at 10:07 h, male 1 (still virgin after unsuccessful copulation attempts) and female 3 (virgin, one week after final molt) were placed together.
Copulation and mate guarding in the northern fulmar.
Stephens perhaps sometimes too sharply compartmentalizes the idea of sex from its emotional resonances ("Literate interest in copulation with demons was hardly driven [only] by prurience, misogyny, or puritanical fervor," 19).
On May 27, 2003, Deputy Chief Gary Hutton filed a formal complaint against both Plaintiffs concerning the alleged oral copulation incident, and a formal investigation was launched by the City of Bakersfield.
This raises the possibility that the male-induced demise is not just due to the physical stress of copulation but instead involves some degree of active signalling.
Copulation for a panda lasts between 30 seconds and five minutes -- it's roughly the same for me, give or take five minutes.
We noted the male that performed any copulation attempt and the location.
Courtship before intromission is generally quick and tactile, but there are some cases in which males offer a glandular secretion produced in their chelicerae before copulation as a nuptial gift for their mates.
Eduardo Colocho, 28, pleaded no contest to sodomy of an unconscious victim and three counts of oral copulation of a person under 18, all felonies.
The team tracked the chimps' copulation and other sexual behavior.