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The time spent copulating is energetically demanding (Watson & Lighton 1994), and it entails a loss of opportunity to copulate with other partners or to forage.
Before the trials the researchers speculated that the additional mystery plugs commonly found covering female genitals might be produced by the copulating male, or the female, or perhaps both spider sexes.
As a Catholic, I should be throwing my hands in the air in horror - as a realist I know our children are in so much sexual trouble that anything's worth a try to stop the young beggars copulating like rabbits.
The prize pot of pounds 100,000 will go into the pockets of the top copulating couple in the show hosted by PatrickKielty and Kelly Brook.
Travis songs are so boring that if you listen to them for too long you are probably bound to be copulating solo.
Using soft grunts to communicate, the 31 to 50 animals would then get busy, copulating and grooming one another and splitting into small sleeping groups.
It's also repetitive and for every hilarious banter match between the two stars there's jokes that rely on getting their laughs from rats copulating or corpses being crushed under wheels.
The fact that Posh and Becks should think that sitting on mock thrones and having a copulating couple on top of their wedding cake is good taste simply confirms their status as airheads.
What we get are psychedelic "fantasy doodles" (figments of skeletons eating figments of snakes strangling figments of birds; copulating insects that are also war machines; O'Keeffe-like art nouveau floral arrangements as a mesh of sexual organs, etc.
Symmetric men say that they're going to be at the library,'' Thornhill said, ``when they're really off copulating.
Stefan Greif from the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, and colleagues, observed this in a long-term study on wild Natterer's bats that eat the copulating flies in a double-sized meal.
A musical nod to Wayne's World raises a begrudging smile as does the running joke about an actress from TV drama Law & Order, but on the whole, Myers and Graham Gordy's script blunders from one pitiful punchline to the next, reaching an excruciating crescendo with two elephants copulating.
How can they choose between a boring video, copulating blow-up dolls, graffiti-covered vases, wilting flowers and a bronze tree?
I hardly think that showing animals copulating is going to teach children much about how it feels to be a man or a woman in love.