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an equating verb (such as 'be' or 'become') that links the subject with the complement of a sentence

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There has earlier been a visual hint of that vertical line in the image of a drowned fisherman washed from Cathedral Rock: 'white belly to wetsuit black, swung copular / under the winching chopper's bubble' (p.
The data for this article were extracted from the qualitative findings of a larger study on "The Development of Grammatical Competence through Synchronous Computer-mediated Communication" (Fiori, 2004) which investigated the role of consciousness-raising (CR) in the two aforementioned chat environments for the development of the Spanish a) copular verbs ser/estar and b) prepositions por/para.
Features characteristic of modern black speech, what linguists call African-American vernacular English--such as the invariant "be," as in "they 'be' working," or the deleted copular, leaving out the auxiliary verb in "they working"--were absent.
4) Unlike Pearlman (and Rizzardi) I read `beloved' as the complement of a copular form of the verb `to be', `Time is not beloved', which is parenthetically interrupted by `Time is the evil'.
As evidenced above, deep sleep occurs with the intransitive construction, the copular pattern, and the passive construction.
221-25) and the enclitic personal pronouns in copular usage (e.
Uma pista para a extensao do sentido de -rico para o ato sexual veio do verbete de um dos dicionarios que relacionava -ico (intransitivo) com copular ("Copula ter.
The volume's 15 papers specifically address such topics as semantic form as interface, derivation of selectional properties of "exclamative" predicates, German w-clause at the left and right peripheries of copular sentences, the syntax of prepositional phrases, the structure of events in word formation, the lexical content of connectors and its interplay with intonation, the semantic foundations of the contrastive focus within a lexicalist approach, the brain's electrophysiological response to focus particles and accents in German, corpus- and psycholinguistic investigations of linguistic constraints on German object order, and contextual effects of aboutness topics in German.
Both construction types, copular and postural seem to be used equally and preferences are not clear at this stage.
Cada qual segue as notas de tlma balada em surdina, na expectativa de o trifingulo carnal desfazer-se quando Scherezade for ievada a copular corn o soberano.
Note the structure of my utterance--two clauses, the first involving a predicate claiming factivity, and the second a subordinate content clause involving an equative predication where the subject is a noun phrase naming an entity in the environment, the main verb is an equative or copular is, and the complement of that verb is a noun phrase describing or characterising the entity named by the subject.
In Tiriyo, answers to where-questions are typically copular sentences, without further special characteristics.
Arche works through the distinctions between stage-level (SL) and individual-level (IL) predicates, using an empirical focus and on the correlation between the SL and IL distinction as in the two copular verbs ser and estar in Spanish.
identificational demonstratives, which are pronouns used in copular and nonverbal clauses.
Copular be in subject complement constructions or in cleft sentences can be followed by subject or object forms of pronouns.