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an equating verb (such as 'be' or 'become') that links the subject with the complement of a sentence

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In some insects, females have increased energy expenditure during locomotion because they carry or drag the smaller male while in copula (Fairbairn, 1993; Watson et al.
However, with the increase of random variables, the high dimensional copula function in (3) fails to capture the mutual dependence between two arbitrary variables.
The frontier and innovation of dual Copula model in financial risk contagion effect measurement
En este sentido, el presente trabajo tiene el objetivo de evaluar las variaciones temporales de la frecuencia de copulas y de la abundancia de masas de huevos de P.
el empleo de una copula unica (pura) y, por ende, ante la definicion clasica de copula como elemento semanticamente neutro.
Donde N son el numero de factores de riesgo descritos antes y C denota la copula.
Sampling from a Gaussian copula makes use of analytical solutions and is very fast, whereas sampling from non-Gaussian copula is more complicated.
Although the current research contains several cases of such analysis, the Livonian language posesses a more or less grammaticalized means of future reference (the copula lido in the construction with the infinitive or the active or passive participle) rather directly indicates some cross-linguistic parallels with the Latvian verb system.
Unconditional and time-varying copula GARCH models have been used by Reboredo (2011), who found that symmetric tail dependence was well captured by a Student-t copula for the WTI-Brent, WTI-Dubai, WTI-Maya and Dubai-Maya pairs.
And then based on the introduced copulas, with the aid of copula Bayesian selection criteria [7, 10, 11], a flexible mixed copula model is constructed, by means of linear weighted model, to model the nonlinear dependence among failure modes.
To determine the copula that best fits the data we use four information criteria proposed by Joe (1997) and Zivot & Wang (2006) to compare between copulas.
The second and the third hypobranchials are close to an element of unknown origin that is found above the basibranchial copula (indicated by the symbol "?
LA EDITORIAL CATEDRA reedito el ano pasado La copula (1906), anomala novela del gran poeta modernista espanol Salvador Rueda (1857-1933).
Following Benediktsdottir and Scotti (2009) and Patton (2006), we use copula functions to measure the exchange rates interdependencies.