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an equating verb (such as 'be' or 'become') that links the subject with the complement of a sentence

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By contrast, a free-standing copula is required in the past tense.
Much closer though--closer on the page and identical in sound--lurks the copula of the previous line: "earth is darkness.
Manner, 2012, Dynamic Stochastic Copula Models: Estimation, Inference and Applications, Journal of Applied Econometrics, 27(2): 269-295.
2 [3] is between (1) esse as verbal copula and (2) esse as the act of a being inasmuch as it is a being.
The copula function is highly sensitive to small variations of input variables, thus providing distinct results for cases where linear regression used in QQ fails.
Senglet (2004) shows that in copula the male bulb position on the female epigynum is fixed by retrolateral tibial apophysis, which anchors in the anterior epigynal pocket, median and terminal apophyses that press on the margins of the epigynum.
June 19, 10AM US EST / 14:00 GMT -Tail Copula Stress Testing: What You Don't Stress Can Hurt You
Holotype [male] and one [female] paratype labeled: "MEXICO: Oaxaca, Santiago Comaltepec, San Bernardino, 16-VIII-2004, 1,715 m asl, bosque de Oreomunnea mexicana; en copula sobre hojas de Oreomunnea, E.
After stripping down to swimwear and popping on a delightful shower cap, guests begin the Thalasso experience in the central vitality pool situated beneath an impressive copula.
Lopes, 2008, Copula, Marginal Distributions and Model Selection: A Bayesian Note, Statistics and Computing, 18(3): 313-332.
element of the "Pseudo-Cleft sentence" as a copula rather than a definite article before the relative phrase, making the construction a bimembral A pw sentence rather than a copula-less nominal sentence.
In Russian, the copula construction occurs first and foremost in connection with imperfective situations, i.
Notice the power of the comma in the second line, and the uncomplicated power of repetition, and of the copula, throughout.
In 'Properties in Abundance' Kunne argues that reflecting on the role of the copula aids in understanding general terms that fall in the range of the copula in propositions.
In fact, most of the resting adults on surrounding vegetation were not in copula.