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There the sun lighted me to hoe beans, pacing slowly backward and forward over that yellow gravelly upland, between the long green rows, fifteen rods, the one end terminating in a shrub oak copse where I could rest in the shade, the other in a blackberry field where the green berries deepened their tints by the time I had made another bout.
From the edge of a copse a waggon with two horses was rolling gently along the ridge.
The place fixed on for the stand-shooting was not far above a stream in a little aspen copse.
The sun was setting behind a thick forest, and in the glow of sunset the birch trees, dotted about in the aspen copse, stood out clearly with their hanging twigs, and their buds swollen almost to bursting.
From the thickest parts of the copse, where the snow still remained, came the faint sound of narrow winding threads of water running away.
It was quite still now in the copse, and not a bird was stirring.
They cantered forward at as brisk a pace as Joe's charger could attain, and presently stopped in the little copse where he had left her in the morning.
Never had his gold been so golden, his azure so dazzlingly clear and deep as on this particular May morning; while his fancy simply ran riot in the marginal decorations of woodland and spinney, quaint embroidered flowers and copses full of exquisitely painted and wonderfully trained birds of song.
Copses of dates and dwarf-palms succeeded the dense forests; then vast, dry plains, dotted with scanty shrubs, and sown with great blocks of syenite.
Beyond, two copses of trees moaned and swung in a rising wind.
Even now, traces of its earlier condition are to be found in the old oak copses and irregular belts of timber that yet survive upon its slopes, and the hollow-trunked trees that shade so many of its pastures.
He thought of the winding white roads and the hedgerows, the green meadows with their elm-trees, the delicate line of the hills and the copses that crowned them, the flatness of the marshes, and the melancholy of the North Sea.
Upstairs the master bedroom has an en suite bathroom and French doors that open to a Juliet balcony overlooking the gardens and copse.
Stone Homes director Dale Robinson said: "Fir Tree Copse has proven to be one of our most successful developments to date with two of the three properties being snapped up before the site has even been launched.
Thiepval Memorial |to the Missing of the Somme and (above) the copse where Ralph Bowes lost his life