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Synonyms for cop

to take (another's property) without permission

to obtain possession or control of

cop out: to abandon a former position or commitment


Synonyms for cop

uncomplimentary terms for a policeman

take by theft

take into custody

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Captured, he joins the KGB and ends up in Britain during the Cold War, hangs out with Red activist Bernard Hill (wasted in this turgid mess) and cops off with Michelle Gayle (no, really).
It's Macs, played by Iwan Rheon, who gets a slice of Irish luck as he cops off with flirty local shock jock Roise De B[pounds sterling]rca.
is looking at pulling cops off the streets, keeping the region's highest business taxes and cutting inadequate public services.
The bride cops off at her hen do, Status Quo scoff the buffet (rock cakes, anyone?
The view on the street is that McGraw allowed himself to be declared bankrupt to keep the cops off his back in seizing his assets.
Due to its dwindling ranks, the department has had to take cops off its anti-drug unit just to cover basic street patrols.
My uncle reckons changing your name for a day is always a good way to glean publicity, and to throw cops off the scent.
It was one of ten smashed up in Carnmoney Cemetery but police believe the rest were smashed to lead cops off the scent but frighten McCord.
She takes to raiding the fridge while sleepwalking and cops off with a neighbour (Reeves) while her hubby begins an affair with one of her friends (Ryder).