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Synonyms for cop

to take (another's property) without permission

to obtain possession or control of

cop out: to abandon a former position or commitment


Synonyms for cop

uncomplimentary terms for a policeman

take by theft

take into custody

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Yet despite the visibility of illegal immigration in Fresno, Autry backs the local statute that prohibits cops like Farmer from reporting undocumented workers to the feds.
CoPs are different because they are not comprised of a few people trying to make a difference--CoPs allow every employee an opportunity to contribute; the resources (online and person-to-person) help us do our jobs better and as subject matter experts, we are able to help other members of the community do their jobs better through mentoring, problem solving or coming up with a "better idea.
Night Train, as well, presents a recognizable plot device: the first-person confession of a cop who reflects on a daunting case.
The opening sequence shows a stiff phalanx of cops adoringly filmed from a low angle while Mike Post's music--a cross between his old theme for Hill Street Blues and the anthem of The Lion King--announces that we are bearing witness to nobility, courage, altruism.
This fact brings the white cops to Harlem in full racist force: "'Rope off this whole goddamned area,' the sergeant said.
Meanwhile, the timber cops are quietly establishing a remarkable network of supporters and informers in and around our western national forests, while operating under their new "stovepipe" arrangement with Washington, DC.
Byfield and Tobier gave us the Cop Sculpture map in much the same spirit.
The proceeds will be used to refund the district's outstanding series 2003A and 2008 COPs.
IN Los Angeles, we trust cops to protect us from the most hardened of criminals.
It is the beat cops who make the difference--often a huge difference.
What: Cops 'n' feds drama from ``NYPD Blue's'' David Milch.
The LAPD is already 250 officers short of its target of keeping cops on patrol for at least 40 percent of their working hours.
12:30 pm - 3:00 pm The Memorial Luncheon for honored families, participating and attending officers, and past survivors was initiated and funded by COPS in 1997 and was formally adopted by the California Peace Officers Memorial Foundation in 1998.
COPS Executive Director Monty Holden remarked, "COPS is proud to offer peace officers and citizen's access to a remarkable website dedicated to serving law enforcement and public safety.
The Rampart Division scandal took a new twist with two national magazines publishing articles this week claiming a cadre of LAPD cops with ties to the criminal gangsta-rap underworld weren't fully investigated for possible roles in two superstar rappers' slayings and other crimes.