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eating feces


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KEY WORDS: Atlantic slippersnail, Crepidula fornicata, feeding, mucus net, coprophagy, food pouch
Animals were kept in raised mesh bottom cages to prevent coprophagy and kept in environmentally controlled rooms (25 [+ or -] 2[degrees]C, 12 h light and dark cycle), with free access to water.
Coprophagy is an important means of making a variety of nutrients synthesized by intestinal microflora available to animals.
Although coprophagy was not observed, if this practice occurred it could have increased time of retention.
In addition, baits have also been reported to possess secondary poisoning effect through necrophagy and coprophagy (8).
Coprophagy, or feeding on manure, is not new in animal nutrition.
Coprophagy had also been observed for an unspecified length of time, and the owners were unsure if this behavior had preceded the ptyalism.
The rabbit has the habit of practicing coprophagy, or the consuming of its own droppings.
Sorokin describes the shocking scene of coprophagy in painstaking detail against a sylvan backdrop bathed in gentle moonlight, thereby reducing ad absurdum socialist realism's symbolic motif of "passing on the baton" of discipline and ideological conviction from one generation to another.
coprophagy and biosynthesis of cell material by microbial processing of metabolites, feed and feces) that may have contributed to the higher PL growth.
In addition to examination of the precise use of mouthparts, other observations included the extent of coprophagy, other aspects of foraging behavior, silk spinning and tube construction.
The performance art section alone catalogues on-stage or filmed acts of copulation, masturbation, fellatio, bestiality, vomiting, excretion, coprophagy, disembowellment, dismemberment, genital mutilation, self-trepanation, and plastic surgery.
Adult Sprague Dawley rats of either sex, weighing 180-200g were housed in raised bottom mesh cages to prevent coprophagy and were kept in environmentally controlled rooms (25 [+ or -] 2 [degrees]C, 12h light and dark cycle).