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eating feces


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Termites are coprophagous (Waller & LaFage 1987), but experimental data is lacking regarding the nutritional benefit termites receive from ingestion of their feces.
In particular, the graphic description of Aue's sexual perversions, ranging from anally penetrating his sister in a guillotine to the coprophagous fantasies at the Uxkull castle, have shocked readers, but I think they serve an important function.
The larvae are probably coprophagous, as judged by a published observation of a female apparently laying eggs on a scarab dung ball (Emden 1941).
The use of pedicels of phoretic deutonymph of Uropoda orbicularis (Acari: Uropodidae) connected with coprophagous beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera) by Macrocheles female mites (Acari: Macrochelidae) in the process of dispersion.