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eating feces


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Margo Roman says that when a dog's unbalanced microbiome becomes healthy, symptoms like behavioral problems, aggression, skin and coat problems, and even coprophagia (stool eating) disappear.
While de Sade was writing The 120 Days of Sodom in 1785 his body was ballooning into grotesque proportions, but few who read his depictions of coprophagia and cannibalism are likely to want to snack while turning the gruesome pages.
Clinical signs of this condition can include diarrhea, weight loss, decreased muscle mass, ravenous appetite, vomiting, coprophagia, pica, flatulence, and a rough hair coat.
Two traits invariably present: lust for power and paraphilia, or sexual abnormality, such as voyeurism, undinism, coprophagia and piquerism (self-stabbing with sharp insruments).
A Eating faeces is known as coprophagia and is usually seen fleetingly in puppies but it can be linked to dietary insufficiencies, boredom or just greed.
The syndrome has been previously described in several cases where the diagnosis was based on clinical signs due to malabsorption-like light-colored voluminous feces, voracious appetite, coprophagia, and weight loss, and on the response to treatment with pancreatic enzyme formulas.
There was the virtuoso comedy of the two old biddies virtually asphyxiating Slothrop with vile British candies; the shocking act of coprophagia between Katje Borgesius and Brigadier Pudding; the plainsong-inflected epiphany of Roger Mexico and Jessica Swanlake's Christmas visit to a country church; the shattering emotional impact of Slothrop's "Tantivy .
INCREASING activity can decrease any boredom that can be linked to coprophagia.
Zeitlin SB, Polivy J: Coprophagia as a manifestation of obsessive-compulsive disorder: a case report.
The state brought in medical textbooks describing coprophagia and coprolalia--the sexual enjoyments of eating excrement and uttering obscenities--and used as expert witness a local professor who taught a course on abnormal sexuality.