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Synonyms for coppery

of something having the color of copper

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The coppery twilight retired slowly, and the darkness brought out overhead a swarm of unsteady, big stars, that, as if blown upon, flickered exceedingly and seemed to hang very near the earth.
The light fell in coppery gleams on the protuberances of a high, rugged forehead.
According to the brewery, Topsham Pale Ale is an English-style classic pale ale brewed with all English grains including pale and crystal malts, the latter of which gives the beer a nice coppery hue and nutty flavor undertones.
According to Melissa Sheets, spokeswoman for Target stores, ``The new metal furniture will always look good in classic black or white, but the freshest designs have a weathered coppery finish.
The flowers are large, dazzling white and the effect is dazzling set against the backdrop of young coppery growth.
Girls whose complexions are on the lighter side may take a shine to coppery golds a la Gwyneth Paltrow.
In addition, an assembly of individual pumps circulating as much as 3,000 gallons of coolant every hour keeps the coppery liquid consistently fresh and perfectly chilled at all times.
In a funky purple, snakeskin case, these shades of burgundy, purple, coppery orange and metallic forest green scream glamour.
Thanks to a clear night the first total eclipse of the moon in three years was clearly visible across Tyneside as the surface of the moon went dark before turning a coppery red.
Like a chameleon, flower color changes dramatically--from pink to coppery pink to rusty orange as the season progresses.
There are four hues for nails ranging from a coppery pink, a delicate peach shade and a blue-tinged mauve.
Pier 1 Imports spokeswoman Merianne Kimmel describes the look as ``Indo-tropic'' and says it's very eclectic, reflected in muted colors, dark rattan and bamboo, and Zen-inspired accessories such as pagoda- shaped fountains and lanterns in an oxblood or coppery metal finish.
To create Caprice's new look, Ben found a wig in the coppery shade he was looking for, then cut it to look as much like her natural hair as possible.
According to Konrad Ejbich, a reporter for Toronto's Eye Magazine, the brew "has a superb coppery color and a dense whipped-cream head -- a delicate fruity nose and rich velvety smooth texture followed by a smooth, well-balanced finish.
The surface of the full moon first went dark before turning a coppery red, to the delight of those who had stayed up to watch the display.