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utensils made with copper

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This place is like Aladdin's cave, it is a labyrinth of indoor and outdoor bazaars selling everything from 'tacky' items that you can find anywhere to beautifully made silver and gold jewellery, copperware, pashminas, spices and local craft, as well as a variety of Pharaonic souvenirs.
The tomb, 50 meters long and 21 meters wide, held chinaware, copperware, liquor cups, and jars as well as some human bones, said Sun Yingmin, spokesman of the Henan provincial cultural heritage bureau, at a press conference Monday, the China Daily reports.
When he was a teenager, he hollowed out his first copperware, but was soon called up to the front of the Iran-Iraq war.
They saw the Atlas mountains and visited the famous souks, where shoppers and locals haggle fervently for everything from ceramics, embroidered slippers, brass lanterns, leather luggage and rugs to copperware.
Oman now exports copper Eoe1/4" copperware, copper threads, copper lumps.
The company established market niches such as the manufacture of medium- and heavy-gauge cookware and entered into new markets such as copperware novelties--but only when such moves were necessary and profitable.
They included a planetarium, globes, mathematical instruments, chronometers, telescopes, measuring instruments, plate glass, copperware and other miscellaneous items.
In was in the 1950s that PPJ began to brand its brass and copperware "Peerage", a shrewd piece of marketing that accentuated the snob value of reproduction antiques and traditional-style furnishing.
World Cuisine offers everything from copperware to electric grills and stainless-steel cookware.
They're a sprawling labyrinth of stalls and small shops, selling everything from ceramics to embroidered silk slippers, brass lanterns to leather luggage, rugs to copperware.
Santa Clara de Cobre, for example, makes copperware, Tzintzuntzan produces straw ornaments and Paracho turns out hand-made guitars.
Throughout the seventeenth century there were colonies of French, mainly dedicated to the wood industry and copperware, the vast majority from Bearne; Irish, who as well as working in the wool trade ran taverns, like Dionisio de Consedina, probably a member of the Considine family that accompanied the Earl of Clare to Spain; Austrians in the Royal Mint; and Portuguese who specialized in market-gardening, bricklaying and charcoal.
Shopping: Typical items are silver, copperware, blown glass, onyx, pottery, handwoven fabrics such as rugs and serapes, embroidery, and Indian arts.
French Laguiole cutlery, wine accessories, copperware from Mauviel, plus olivewood gift items and elegant stainless steel coffee and tea sets from Italy only scratch the surface.