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utensils made with copper

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They saw the Atlas mountains and visited the famous souks, where shoppers and locals haggle fervently for everything from ceramics, embroidered slippers, brass lanterns, leather luggage and rugs to copperware.
Oman now exports copper Eoe1/4" copperware, copper threads, copper lumps.
They included a planetarium, globes, mathematical instruments, chronometers, telescopes, measuring instruments, plate glass, copperware and other miscellaneous items.
Islamic ceramics of high quality, glassware, steatite objects, copperware, gold coins, papyrus manuscripts and other artefacts, mainly dating from the ninth to the tenth century, were excavated until the sixth expedition.
In was in the 1950s that PPJ began to brand its brass and copperware "Peerage", a shrewd piece of marketing that accentuated the snob value of reproduction antiques and traditional-style furnishing.
World Cuisine offers everything from copperware to electric grills and stainless-steel cookware.
They're a sprawling labyrinth of stalls and small shops, selling everything from ceramics to embroidered silk slippers, brass lanterns to leather luggage, rugs to copperware.
Santa Clara de Cobre, for example, makes copperware, Tzintzuntzan produces straw ornaments and Paracho turns out hand-made guitars.
Throughout the seventeenth century there were colonies of French, mainly dedicated to the wood industry and copperware, the vast majority from Bearne; Irish, who as well as working in the wool trade ran taverns, like Dionisio de Consedina, probably a member of the Considine family that accompanied the Earl of Clare to Spain; Austrians in the Royal Mint; and Portuguese who specialized in market-gardening, bricklaying and charcoal.
Makers of iron goods, copperware, boots, textiles, and other military commodities prospered, as did those merchants who had diversified their investments or moved into large-scale banking, which made them the chief financiers of the Union government.
From a small shack, he began to sell handicrafts, T-shirts, Africana necklaces, ear-rings, antique artefacts, batiks, leather belts and bags, Kisii soapstone items, wood carvings, Maasai and Turkana belts, walking sticks, copperware and so forth.
Analysis since has confirmed that copperware discovered at Ur was made with metal from the Omani peninsula.
According to one IgoUgo traveler: "Sarajevo's old town is a warren of cobbled streets and low-roofed Ottoman-style buildings that now house cafes, restaurants, and stores selling everything from traditional hand-beaten copperware and Turkish carpets to the latest shoes from Italy or fashions from Western Europe.
If we refuse to pay, they smash up our shops and steal our goods," says Ahmed Younis, who sells copperware.