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someone who makes articles from copper

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Concern at the fast declining industry in the province, coppersmiths and residents cite the constantly rising utensil imports as a principal reason for declining demand for local copper products.
It is the only distillery that still grows its own barley, malts in its own traditional malting floor, employs coopers to tend every cask, a coppersmith to maintain the stills and a malt master to ensure the resulting spirit is consistently excellent.
Coppersmiths say their business is on downward trend as compared to the past because similar products made of glass, plastic and aluminum had great influx into the market.
Bab El Shareya is also well-known for its coppersmiths that produce brass handicrafts, the most important of which are Ramadan lanterns which distinguishes this neighbourhood from others.
How many shoppers would gladly pay 99 cents to be directed this week to the various coppersmiths showing their wares, and another 99 cents the following week to find decoupaged light switch covers?
Whether jewelry, shoe making, leather work, textiles, umbrellas, marble, mosaics, ceramics or coppersmiths, Naples has been where artistic talent is passed down from generation to generation - mother to daughter, father to son.
5-quart saucepan from Brooklyn Coppersmiths is also available.
Coppersmiths used to import brass from Europe and work on it at their workshops to produce various pots and dishes.
Excavations indicate that the Huaca Colorada pyramid may have been home to a group of elite coppersmiths.
Some were used by coppersmiths who used to make or apply plating to utensils, coffee pots and sauce pans.
Tourists roam the 400-year-old market district, where streets are named after coppersmiths, fez makers and other traditional crafts.
Skip forward to the late 50s, and the first casks of what was to become the Glenfiddich 50-year-old, and it's interesting to imagine what the coopers and coppersmiths (one of whom remains to this day) thought the world would be like by the time the first drop was tasted.
Because of the bad business, most coppersmiths here sold their stores,Ao Abu Haidar said.
A smith works in metal; a whitesmith in tin and iron, there also are blacksmiths, tinsmiths, coppersmiths, gunsmiths.
They were followed by butchers, down 40%, and coppersmiths, down 35%.