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someone who makes articles from copper

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The peak shipping season in the Pacific, moreover, is starting in June this year, says Coppersmith.
Since its small beginning's, CopperSmith has been aggressively expanding their product lines by building relationships with craftsmen worldwide.
Retired coppersmith Mr Miller, aged 68, said: "I remember the terrible winter of 1947 when I'd just got a new pair of wellingtons and walked out of my house and fell straight down a bomb crater that was covered in snow.
The former Cammell Laird coppersmith is the country's leading high performance racing bike designer and manufacturer.
What type of creature is a coppersmith, and Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 Carbon; 2 Blue Peter; 3 Jacques Chirac; 4 Arizona; 5 Brown coal; 6 The tail; 7 Panama; 8 A bird, so named because of its metallic-sounding call; 9 London 2012 Olympics; 10 Peter and The Wolf.
Paul Revere, a coppersmith and goldsmith, had a profitable trade in artificial teeth.
Brian worked at Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft for 15 years, where he completed an apprenticeship as a coppersmith.
However, Terry, the son of Edward, a coppersmith and his wife Johanna, believes we should always remember the importance that the stout brick building had in those days when p olicemen w ere friends to people engaged in a ceaseless strug-gle against adversity.
As the son of a coppersmith, Gaudi understood metal working, and the cast iron of his buildings, most noticeable on Casa Mila, is fantastical, almost plastic.
com) please contact Susan Coppersmith at 859-514-2720 or email susanc@ientry.
For example, BNPPRE recently advised on the fit-out of modern offices on Newcastle's Quayside and advised at the same time on the Coppersmith Building in the city's Stephenson Quarter, a listed building with entirely different requirements to Grade A offices.
I'm a coppersmith myself so I appreciate the amount of work and skill in the frieze.
John Marriott, aged 65, a retired coppersmith, of Ellacombe Road, Henley Green, said he joined the group because he wanted to make a difference to where he lived.
He worked as a coppersmith for Armstrong Whitley and Jaguar.