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someone who makes articles from copper

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Sarah Coppersmith, Vice President, Scott Circle Communications Sarah Coppersmith is an award-winning communications professional.
Instead, the Coppersmith was immediately answered by William Boles.
Students will learn from distinguished lecturers including Yakir Aharonov, Philip Anderson, Nima Arkani-Hamed, John Cardy, Matt Choptuik, Sue Coppersmith, Ruth Gregory, Michael Peskin, Sid Redner, Anders Sandvik, Xiao-Gang Wen, as well as Neil Turok and other Perimeter Institute research faculty.
Sirrel was raised in Glasgow, playing his early football with Renfrew Juniors, while also completing an apprenticeship as a coppersmith, in case football didn't work out.
Chris Coppersmith is president and chief executive officer of Target Logistic Services, a mid-sized freight forwarder based in Carson, Calif.
Born in San Pedro, Nantroup worked as a coppersmith pipefitter at the Terminal Island shipyards while attending community college.
Barney Coppersmith, Helensburgh, said: "The way Walters was treated was atrocious.
While shared call may be permitted by CMS, hospitals should ensure that their arrangements do not violate antitrust laws, cautioned panel member Julie Mathis Nelson, an attorney with Coppersmith Gordon Schermer Owens & Nelson, Phoenix.
In the more recent AHw of von Soden, who lists the word under the letter q, as qurqurru, the word occupies a more modest twenty-one lines, with the definition "Metallarbeiter, Kupferschmied," that is, "metalworker, coppersmith.
Here, for example, were papers on goods with the burial of a possible early Cypriot coppersmith, flour production at Akrotiri (Santorini), a typology of Iron Age Mediterranean querns, experiments in Iron Age archaeology at Lejre, and the industrial archaeology of a Medieval silver mine in France.
Coppersmith sees it as a trend that has really come into its own this year, particularly for those properties that are trying to position themselves as A or AA.
Already a publisher is chasing them for the rights to five of their songs for a movie soundtrack and top producers - including Jam producer Vic Coppersmith - are keen to work with them in the studio.
Coppersmith and her colleagues devised a simple theoretical model in which they assumed that a given bead transmits the load it bears unequally and randomly onto the three beads on which it rests.
Bartolomeo Masi, a fifteenth-century coppersmith, was frequently chosen by other artisans to be their cofather.
Representative Sam Coppersmith had the edge according to political analysts.