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Synonyms for coppery

of something having the color of copper

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For a good many years after he came to Wines- burg things went well with Curtis Hartman.
Curtis Hartman went on tiptoe to the window and closed it softly.
When he began to think about her, Curtis Hartman remembered that she had been to Europe and had lived for two years in New York City.
Three times during the early fall and winter of that year Curtis Hartman crept out of his house to the room in the bell tower to sit in the darkness looking at the figure of Kate Swift lying in her bed and later went to walk and pray in the streets.
One night in January when it was bitter cold and snow lay deep on the streets of Winesburg Curtis Hartman paid his last visit to the room in the bell tower of the church.
Curtis thought she was mademoiselle, and bowed to her.
Dick Curtis, why, he was Captain Richard Curtis," Uncle Robert answered.
And first, last, and always, dominating all, she saw in the face of him the hot passion and quickness of deed that had earned for him the name "Fighting Dick Curtis.