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having a bottom of copper or sheathed with copper

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I'd like to thank all my colleagues for all they do to keep prices coming down and give customers a copper-bottomed guarantee--we'll work harder than ever in the next 12 months to deserve the title for a ninth year in a row.
I also find it extraordinary that our members are being faced with these kind of cuts when MPs have recently voted themselves one of the best copper-bottomed pension schemes in the world.
He summarizes admirably: "While God's revelation in Christ must be the starting point if what is commended is to be Christian, we need not, in view of the imago dei and the extra-ecclesial work of the Holy Spirit, be sceptical regarding the place of natural theology and the several varieties of experience as media through which God may address honest seekers, notwithstanding the fact that neither the traditional theistic arguments nor claims to particular kinds of experience will by themselves yield copper-bottomed demonstrations adequate to convince the unbeliever, or even arrive at the Christian God" (354).
Within these cave-dark dwellings--decorated with bee-cultivating masks and copper-bottomed pots and pans, scarred oak tables, and painted crockery--we kept hearing the accordionist.
Mr Brown failed to give a copper-bottomed assurance that Tony Blair would lead the party into the next election, saying only that it was "a matter for him".
Jones purposely positioned the Richard close to the swifter, copper-bottomed Serapis to deny the larger ship the advantage of its larger and more numerous cannons.
World Kitchen is adding three copper-bottomed lines to its Revere brand, and Gourmet Standard, VillaWare and Nordic Ware are each launching lines of cast-aluminum cookware here.
Either the Beeb's head honchos are supremely confident of copper-bottomed success, accolades and bumper ratings to eclipse London 2012.
New aircraft carriers are to be built on Clydeside because Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling looked after their fellow Scots in signing copper-bottomed contracts for Scottish shipbuilders.
After all, we have copper-bottomed contracts that even the Government cannot contest.
Jim Boyle has his string in fine form at present and Copper-bottomed can add another victory to his tally in the Packed Full Of Fun That's Pontins Claiming Stakes at Southwell.
He said a government grant for West Lancashire could be raised from pounds 400,000 to pounds 1m, adding: "I want a copper-bottomed guarantee this money will not be wasted on plans to spend millions on a new council chamber.
Because it was copper-fastened and copper-bottomed, Mr Fry said the boat made valuable salvage.
FWD director general Alan Toft said: "There is nothing else like it in any other drinks market and for those who take it on it is a copper-bottomed guarantee that sales will increase.