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Industrial copper sulphate -- containing arsenic, lead and cadmium -- can cause kidney damage.
Park spokesman Nina Rogers said: "It transformed the empty council flat into a sparkling blue environment of copper sulphate crystals.
The aim of this study is to convert copper sulphate to basic copper carbonate and then neutralizing with HCl to form copper (II) chloride because of the evolving of carbon dioxide gases from copper carbonate during firing.
Make your own Bordeaux mixture with 9oz of copper sulphate, 6oz of quicklime in five gallons of water.
She told me she had touched the copper sulphate and then rubbed her eye.
Two pupils were being treated in hospital last night after drinking a substance believed to be copper sulphate, police said.
I remember attaching the leads from a battery to two graphite pencils immersed in a copper sulphate solution and I watched in amazement as the pencil tips became coated with metallic copper.
The grant will be used for synthesizing and testing new mineral collectors that will not require the use of copper sulphate, the most expensive chemical in the flotation process for zinc.
The person summoned was charged with selling preserved green peas adulterated with an injurious substance, namely, copper sulphate, which had been added to the vegetable in question for colouring purposes.
It is believed that the pupils, who are both 14, had accidentally rubbed copper sulphate and silver nitrate into their eyes after getting them on their hands.
He will not, however, reveal just what is in the patented product, beyond noting that it uses calcium for alkalinity, and copper sulphate to kill algae.
Copper sulphate was found to enhance sulphide flotation.
24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- MARC's new TMMR "Copper Sulphate Technical Material Market Report" provides a technical, analytical and statistical insight into the copper sulphate market.
After the trimming process, the plants should get copper oxychloride or copper hydro chloride spray at the rate of 250 gram per 100 litre water or Bordo mixture of lime, copper sulphate and water at the rate of 4:4:50.
Olmix produces 'natural' feed additives composed of trace elements such as copper sulphate and iron sulphate, as well as clay and seaweed.