copper sulphate

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a copper salt made by the action of sulfuric acid on copper oxide

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agent in acute copper sulphate poisoning: A case report; J Clin Med
Effect of Zeolite and copper sulphate administered alone and in combination for 90 days on the various biochemical components of Cyprinus cario.
The management and the treatment of copper sulphate poisoning patients are mainly done by the following entities.
In all eight animals, the lesions were treated after removal of necrotic tissue with the application of Copper sulphate and Zinc sulphate (1:1) and a light bandage was applied in such a way that weight bearing was not disturbed on the affected digit.
Key words: Birds, Copper sulphate, Arsenic, Hematology, Micronuclei, Nuclear remnants.
The aim of this study is to convert copper sulphate to basic copper carbonate and then neutralizing with HCl to form copper (II) chloride because of the evolving of carbon dioxide gases from copper carbonate during firing.
Make your own Bordeaux mixture with 9oz of copper sulphate, 6oz of quicklime in five gallons of water.
Having previously coated small models of gothic cathedrals, car engines, and other objects in bright blue copper sulphate crystals, sculptor Roger Hiorns took this technique to virtuosic heights with Seizure, 2008, encrusting an entire apartment wall-to-ceiling in sparkling azure crystals.
Madeleine Pettigrew has told how her 13-year-old daughter Katie needed medical treatment after getting copper sulphate in her eye.
TWO boys were in hospital last night after swigging copper sulphate hidden in a fizzy drink bottle at school.
Copper sulphate is used in electroplating and as a fungicide.
Two pupils were being treated in hospital last night after drinking a substance believed to be copper sulphate, police said.
I remember attaching the leads from a battery to two graphite pencils immersed in a copper sulphate solution and I watched in amazement as the pencil tips became coated with metallic copper.
The grant will be used for synthesizing and testing new mineral collectors that will not require the use of copper sulphate, the most expensive chemical in the flotation process for zinc.
It is believed that the pupils, who are both 14, had accidentally rubbed copper sulphate and silver nitrate into their eyes after getting them on their hands.