copper sulfate

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a copper salt made by the action of sulfuric acid on copper oxide

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There was a direct relationship between Copper sulfate concentrations and rate of decomposition of the dye.
In addition, pigment change and zone line stimulation were attempted by treating wood blocks with copper sulfate and subjecting them to dual-fungi inoculation.
On the basis of the MIZ values obtained, Copper sulfate had shown superior antifungal activity compared to chlorhexidine.
color) A helicopter carrying a spreader filled with copper sulfate - an algicide - passes over the upper Castaic Lake on Friday.
Next, the researchers replace the silver solution with a copper sulfate solution and use voltage pulses from the STM to make pillars of copper near two silver piles.
The substances are copper sulfate, a light petroleum oil often called Volck oil or Superior oil, and lime sulfur.
Troncoso said, "I am pleased to say that we are nearing completion of a copper sulfate processing facility, which will clearly give us a first class manufacturing capability.
Tenders are invited for EarthTec Liquid Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate
One effective treatment for Ich on fish and fungus on eggs is copper sulfate.
Reports of copper poisoning are uncommon, and are linked to eating fruit sprayed with copper fungicides, cooking food in copper vessels, or ingesting grams of copper sulfate in suicide attempts.
The state Department of Water Resources, which oversees Castaic, has scheduled an aerial drop of copper sulfate into the lake today.
TIP 0304-53 Copper sulfate test for corrugator roll wear
That was somewhat of a revelation because, as a youngster, I used to grow pretty crystals by hanging a thread into a solution of copper sulfate.