copper rockfish

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a rockfish of the Pacific coastal waters of North America

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Cooper (2003) showed that bulging abdomens can be a reliable means for identifying late-stage gravid copper rockfish when they are viewed underwater.
The total numbers of brown and copper rockfish observed by length class summed over all 3 transects are presented in Figure 2.
09 [3 df] for brown and copper rockfish, respectively, P<0.
The number of juveniles encountered was greatest during the summer for both species, as was the relative proportion of juvenile copper rockfish to the total number of copper rockfish encountered (14%).
To determine whether there were qualitative differences between brown and copper rockfish that occupied the reef in the summer and winter we divided them into 2 length classes, small (<20 cm) and large ([greater than or equal to] 20 cm).
Summed over all surveys, a total of 70 late-stage gravid brown and copper rockfish were observed, all of these in the spring and summer.
We have shown that both brown and copper rockfish exhibited pronounced changes in abundance between summer and winter at PHAR, that the changes occurred with regularity over a broad time span, and that the observed patterns were similar for both species.
Moulton (1977) observed a winter decrease in copper rockfish densities over the course of scuba surveys of nearshore rocky reefs in north Puget Sound.
The higher overall number of copper than brown rockfish juveniles observed during the spring, summer, and fall is likely due to the highly successful recruitment of juvenile copper rockfish observed in Puget Sound in 2006 (LeClair et al.
3) and Gowan (1983) reported female first-spawning lengths for both brown and copper rockfish in Puget Sound to be in excess of 20 cm (age 3-4 years) and our observations at PHAR are in general agreement, although a single late-stage gravid brown rockfish less than 20 cm was encountered in our study and we have observed late-stage gravid brown rockfish elsewhere in Puget Sound as small as 18 cm (determined by cannulation).
However, peak abundances of Copper Rockfish in Eelgrass habitats occurred in May, while peak abundances occurred a month later in June for Black Rockfish (Fig.
However, while Bayer (1981) noted both Black and Copper Rockfish in Eelgrass habitats of Yaquina Bay, Oregon, Copper Rockfish were noted as more abundant.
The ecology of age-1 Copper Rockfish (Sebastes caurinus) in vegetated habitats of Sitka Sound, Alaska [thesis].
Copper rockfish was at its highest proportion in the catch from 1966 to 1972, the period of high Pacific sanddab catches.
Tagging studies indicate that movements of more than 3 km were rare for adult shallow water benthic species including gopher and black-and-yellow rockfish (Larson, 1980) and brown rockfish and slightly deeper copper rockfish (Hartmann, 1987; Matthews, 1990).