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variety of European beech with shining purple or copper-colored leaves

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The copper beech tree is actually an ancient symbol of wisdom," said Nappi, who serves as the institute's executive director, as well as associate retreat director of Holy Family.
THE DEAL: a four-night stay in a Copper Beech cabin sleeping 4 starts from PS296 forestholidays.
I fear that the current building plans for Acklam Hall will be only the beginning and that more planning applications will soon follow, and one day, the copper beech tree will be in the way and chopped down like all the others, and this beautiful area, enjoyed by many generations will no longer be a place of importance within the community, but will be just the same as anywhere else.
Ogilvy says Copper Beech Farm edged out a Silicon Valley property sold last year for $117.
US student housing firm Campus Crest Communities Inc (NYSE:CCG) said it had agreed to buy 48% of domestic rival Copper Beech Townhome Communities LLC.
Leaves fall into the road from the copper beech in the doctor's garden.
A 60-foot tall copper beech tree with a trunk diameter of about 4.
Five-time Parent's Choice award-winners Ben Rudnick & Friends present Live in Lexington: Under the Copper Beech, a family-friendly music CD of their public performance in Lexington.
Yesterday at York Hills planted a copper beech tree in the preparade ring, which will stand as a tribute to the trainer at a track where his big-race wins included two Internationals with Hawaiian Sound and Cormorant Wood, two Nunthorpe Stakes with Handsome Sailor and La Cucaracha, and a Yorkshire Oaks with Dibidale, while Further Flight won the Ebor and two Lonsdale Cups.
0 miles) long and has two parts; one is a large rectangle in green beech (representing Noah''s Ark), in the other part seven "monster animals" outlined in copper beech.
He was winched from the copper beech in a park at Pill, near Bristol, before medics airlifted him to hospital on Monday evening.
Working from his studio in a dilapidated former car repair shop in downtown Washington, Bloom has made models of more than 25 trees, including the Maryland Liberty Tree and what was known as the Lincoln Copper Beech in Washington.
90 from Copper Beech books Call 800/462-4703 to order.
Look at Your Body Muscles by Steve Parker, Copper Beech Books, 1997.
Len Robert's books include Counting the Black Angels, published by the University of Illinois Press in 1994; and Dangerous Angels, published by Copper Beech Press in 1993.