copper beech

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variety of European beech with shining purple or copper-colored leaves

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What the next 125 years may bring is open to speculation, but we sincerely hope some form of the 'sport of kings' will still attract crowds to Yarridge and the copper beech wings remain.
Wendy, who started at Copper Beech Road just after it moved from its former store a stone's throw away in Cedar Road, said: "I'm lucky as I really love my job.
The copper beech tree is actually an ancient symbol of wisdom," said Nappi, who serves as the institute's executive director, as well as associate retreat director of Holy Family.
THE DEAL: a four-night stay in a Copper Beech cabin sleeping 4 starts from PS296 forestholidays.
The Copper Beech tree is at the centre of the garden where the messages from supporters and young people have been displayed.
We are up on top of the castle hill with no vast copper beech as a backdrop, only the dramatic starkness of the keep and the constant roar of the M6 in the background.
MY friend and I use to walk our dogs through the woods at Acklam Hall and take the track that opened out onto the magnificent copper beech tree that we loved.
Even though that's $70 million under Copper Beech Farm's initial listing price, real estate agent David Ogilvy tells the Greenwich Time he believes the sum is the most ever paid for a residential property in the United States.
What's the deal: Bruach Fuarain is a detached cottage, nestled behind a prominent copper beech tree to form a notable feature of Moulin Square.
The Copper Beech Farm has 12 bedroom French-renaissance-style mansion, 1,200 metres of water frontage on Long Island Sound and two offshore islands.
When I was little, it grew in the small front garden under the copper beech trees my mum and I planted.
Leaves fall into the road from the copper beech in the doctor's garden.
A 60-foot tall copper beech tree with a trunk diameter of about 4.
Five-time Parent's Choice award-winners Ben Rudnick & Friends present Live in Lexington: Under the Copper Beech, a family-friendly music CD of their public performance in Lexington.