copper's nark

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Mr Brocklebank's no copper's nark, but he feels obliged to report this lapse to the politicallycorrect thought police CLLR MIKE STOREY has returned home after 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness (actually a monthlong holiday).
RAOUL Moat was a copper's nark convinced that grassing up crooks bought him favours and put him above the law.
Your proverbially bull-enraging red rag was positively discreet compared to that lurid little ensemble which we were required to wear to and from school on pain of hefty slabs of detention if spotted inappropriately attired by a master or a prefect with copper's nark ambitions.
There are currently many workers being made redundant, all of whom have not been paid fabulously well for 23 years just to be a copper's nark reading an autocue.
And as if Fleet Street needed any further encouragement to fan the flames, Alex Ferguson decided to turn copper's nark for the night, calling on the FA to pore over the video and charge van Persie for his part in the incident.
Surely a brief word in his ear from the local bobby would have been more than sufficient - but if those are the standards of law enforcement we're setting, I feel compelled to sign up as a copper's nark.
But this week the Crown Prosecution Service finally announced that they would not be pursuing the case - and, in the timehonoured format of ersatz Fleet Street outrage, the frustrated copper's narks promptly declared:"fury erupted last night