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Synonyms for cop

to take (another's property) without permission

to obtain possession or control of

cop out: to abandon a former position or commitment


Synonyms for cop

uncomplimentary terms for a policeman

take by theft

take into custody

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Becky is the perennial onenight stand/tart with a heart, as the story actually confirmed when she copped off with Jason.
Last minute holidays are one thing, however there still hasn't been a website developed to sort out last minute holiday romances You know, that point in the trip when it gets to your final night abroad and you realise you haven't copped off with one of the locals yet.
EastEnders star Michael Greco, who plays Albert Square babe magnet Beppe di Marco, copped off with a stupendous blonde on the very last day of his sunshine holiday.
PARTY ANIMAL Pixie celebrates her 18th in style at Bungalow 8; MORNING AFTER Pixie heads out with her family yesterday; SMOOCH Pixie copped off with Nicholas; I CAN DRINK Pixie proves it by flashing passport
But Violet is pushing it a bit if she expects any sympathy from Sunita just because her boyfriend copped off with Sarah Platt.
The newly-single beauty, whose character Karen McDonald made her exit in December, copped off with ex- EastEnders star Marc Bannerman at a comedy show after-party on Sunday night.