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polymerize together

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2]/MMAO (2)) [5] copolymerizes aPP macromonomers with the propylene monomer to create long-chain branches (LCBPP).
The hydrophobic copolymerizable groups are posited to copolymerize with diluent comonomers and other resin-based materials.
Therefore, when St is added as comonomer in the melt grafting system, the conjugated double bond of St enables it to react rapidly with iPB-1 macroradicals to form stable styryl macro-radicals; and then GMA copolymerizes easily with the styryl macroradicals.
DAP copolymerizes readily with monomers bearing strong electron attracting groups attached to the ethylenic group [14].
This is the case for a 4-carboxyphenyl maleimide (4CPMI)/styrene/acrylonitrile system, in which the donor monomer, styrene, forms a charge transfer complex with the strong acceptor monomer, 4CPMI, and copolymerizes alternatingly while another acceptor monomer, acrylonitrile, is incorporated randomly.