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polymerize together

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Therefore, varying HEA/BA weight ratio from 0/10 to 10/0 (total weight of HEA and BA was 57 g) was used to copolymerize with a fixed amount of the above acrylicterminated PU dispersion in the presence of [K.
The formulation should copolymerize into a densely cross-linked structure that will not be subject to hydrolytic or chemical degradation, and have higher adhesive strength than cohesive strength.
The goal of the current study was to characterize the merbau wood liquid extract, copolymerize it with resorcinol and formaldehyde to obtain an adhesive from a renewable resource material, and optimize the adhesive for three-ply composite flooring manufacturing.
This can also be attributed to the high hydrophobicity of PFEA monomer, due to which the PFEA cannot copolymerize with acrylate monomer completely, and thus the practical amount of PFEA in the copolymer is less than the designed amount.
acquired a patented process to copolymerize stereo-complex PLA two years ago, but the project is on hold for now.
The hydrophobic copolymerizable groups are posited to copolymerize with diluent comonomers and other resin-based materials.
2] catalyst to copolymerize atactic polypropylene (aPP) macromonomer with propylene to produce LCBPP.
Formaldehyde-based resins, such as phenolformaldehyde (PF) and urea-formaldehyde (UF), have been also shown to copolymerize with pMDI (Simon et al.
From Ethox Chemicals, the E-Sperse [TM] RS-series of new reactive non-APE surfactants for latex emulsion manufacturing have one or more reactive functional groups that copolymerize with (meth)acrylate monomers.
Norbloc 7966 benzotriazole uv stabilizer has a methacrylate ester substituent, which will copolymerize efficiently with various vinyl monomers.
Novomer's catalyst technology can copolymerize C[O.