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lying in the same plane

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Understanding that all boards and tooling are not absolutely flat, this function can be set as an output to an SPC tool, and the engineer has the option of putting in upper and lower deflection control limits that would account for any slight variations in coplanarity.
Alternately, if no pre-bake occurs before actual production reflow assembly, establishing the wider range of warpage and higher coplanarity results that represent assembly conditions may be a better approach.
The planarization of the leads is known is coplanarity.
Rudolph's proprietary 3D laser triangulation technology measures bump height and coplanarity, RDL thickness, and much more.
a most important supplier of selective soldering systems, lead tinning systems and lead tinning services, is happy to declare that its component lead tinning services operation can re-tin leadless QFN components with unmatched coplanarity.
The 3-D imaging was a treat: A bridging defect showed the distinct ripple of the solder; a coplanarity defect could be measured in quantifiable terms (Koh Young claims accuracy of 10 to 30 [mu]m).
The results of crystallographic study of three isomeric 2-oxazolines containing phenol group, which can be considered to be model compounds of our molecules, has shown coplanarity of both rings in the ortho-OH derivative and most evident deviation from coplanarity in the para-OH derivative [53].
The coplanarity check ensures all programmed devices fall within coplanarity tolerances and for lead pitch and slant.
The traditional SnPb HAL process was unable to provide SMT boards with satisfactory coplanarity.
Over- and undersized, misplaced, bridged and satellite bumps, coplanarity, bump height, and gold bump nodules are just some of the defects that can be found with these systems.
The WaferScanner 3840 uses proprietary laser triangulation technology to provide fast and accurate 3D measurements of bump height and coplanarity.
There are strict specifications with regard to the coplanarity of SMT IC leads, but what happens when the pad surfaces those nice coplanar leads are being attached to are inconsistent?
Routine handling of semiconductor components can result in coplanarity problems, bent leads, or lead burrs that can negatively impact quality in the final product.
For BGAs or other area array packages, suppliers must meet coplanarity requirements (at room temperature) for the appropriate package outline specifications.
Furthermore, the two phenyl rings of the phenoxy phenyl are skewed from coplanarity by 35[degrees] where a conformational energy minimum occurs in the Morino (42) structure.