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lying in the same plane

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Potential long-term solutions Problem area Causes IVI bonding Not enough light in machines defects problems Machine indexing inaccuracies FOI coplanarity Improper die-set polishing problems Mishandling Cycle time Poor scheduling control queuing problems Complexity in buy-off procedures Strip jamming Yield crushed leads problems Dirty die-sets Problem area Voted best long-term solution IVI bonding Change from yellow to white lights defects problems Rubber tape on indexer to stop roller damage FOI coplanarity Polish daily problems Retain operators Cycle time Process lots in first-in first-out order queuing problems Do fewer buy-off inspections Yield crushed Attach a format to each traveller for leads problems traceability Polish die-sets at every change of lead count
A solution available to the child drawing such an animal which eliminates the need of enforcing coplanarity upon non-coplanar contours lies in creation of an illusory third dimension in the picture by systematic transformation of the typical outlines so that they form an arrangement similar to that which projected typical contours form in the eye.
Rudolph's proprietary 3D laser triangulation technology measures bump height and coplanarity, RDL thickness, and much more.
For years, coplanarity has been used to indicate component warpage that is only accurate at room temperature.
The LGA 3647 socket features a two-piece design for the larger processor that Improves Issues with warpage and offers better coplanarity and reliability in connectivity.
Featuring high-temperature operation to +155 AC and coplanarity of its four terminals of Syndigate.
1] reduces coplanarity and hindered the dense packing of polymer chains and destroyed the ordered arrangement, resulting in amorphous nature of these polyesters, which is also reflected in their improved solubility.
08-mm coplanarity over all solder tails further reduces solder paste thickness, allowing for greater accuracy and expanded applications.
The 3-D imaging was a treat: A bridging defect showed the distinct ripple of the solder; a coplanarity defect could be measured in quantifiable terms (Koh Young claims accuracy of 10 to 30 [mu]m).
The results of crystallographic study of three isomeric 2-oxazolines containing phenol group, which can be considered to be model compounds of our molecules, has shown coplanarity of both rings in the ortho-OH derivative and most evident deviation from coplanarity in the para-OH derivative [53].
The traditional SnPb HAL process was unable to provide SMT boards with satisfactory coplanarity.
The system quickly and accurately measures the height and coplanarity of bumps in addition to incorporating 2D inspection capabilities for characteristics such as bump placement and size, as well as active die area inspection.
The packages feature compliant leads with [pm]2 mil coplanarity for reliable reflow solder attachment, and the circuits are sealed to withstand normal circuit board cleaning methods.
The WaferScanner 3840 uses proprietary laser triangulation technology to provide fast and accurate 3D measurements of bump height and coplanarity.