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lying in the same plane

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A Survey of European Activity on Coplanar Waveguide," 1993 IEEE MTT-S Int.
Parallel and coplanar cracks are considered to investigate the interaction of thermal cracks.
Results from these experiments demonstrate a pivotal role for adipocyte AhRs in the regulation of adiposity and regional adipose deposition, and in the effects of lipophilic coplanar PCBs to impair glucose homeostasis in mice.
21] < -25dB between coplanar antenna elements is achieved by introducing cross-strip VFSS structure.
So these power dividers can be designed to be coplanar or non-coplanar structure, and the phase difference between the two output ports can be flexibly achieved in phase or out of phase.
For simplification and to investigate the properties of several parallel CPWs, a configuration called periodic coplanar waveguide (PCPW) with identical dimension in each periodic cell is a suitable model to analyze, as shown in Figure 1.
KEY SPECS: Capable of speeds of up to 10 Gbps, this connector system is available in mezzanine, right angle, and coplanar configurations.
where the l is the length of aperture, a is the length of the strip line, K0 is free space wave number and Zos is the characteristic impedance of coplanar strip transmission line which could be formulated as (3)
Top-running coplanar fittings are recommended for wall units in modern, design-oriented kitchens that call for a concealed sliding system that mounts on the cabinet.
The three most common transmission-line technologies used in microwave circuits are microstrip, coplanar and stripline circuits Of the three, microstrip transmission lines are most often used in high-frequency PCBs, since they are relatively simple to fabricate and with fewer electrical variables to consider than the other two approaches.
Right angle, plug-and-socket (2-piece) connectors for coplanar or end-to-end mating of either FR4 or metal core PCB's for linear strip lighting applications.
The obtained results show an improved type of a backfire-to-endfire LWA on coplanar structure.
Chemical analysis simultaneously conducted showed higher than normal levels of dioxins in the liver, muscle, and fat, ie, polychlorinated dibenzodioxins, polychlorinated dibenzo-furans, and coplanar polychlorinated biphenyls.
Features include digital bus protocols and a coplanar valve where the plunger and orifice are machined to achieve the proper p reload, allowing every valve to be assembled the same way.
The precision tensile mechanical testing stage is a finger-sized device consisting of two coplanar platforms--one movable and one stationary--separated by a 3-[micro]m gap.