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lying in the same plane

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Gestational and lactational exposure to TCDD or coplanar PCBs alters adult expression of saccharin preference behavior in female rats.
The FODM8801 is part of Fairchild's comprehensive portfolio of high performance optocouplers that offer leading-edge noise immunity resulting from its proprietary OPTOPLANAR coplanar packaging technology.
Further, although lead, cadmium, and mercury measurements were available for all 2,211 of these observations, other pollutant subclasses were measured only in subsets of this sample (perfluorinated chemicals, 785 subjects; organochlorine pesticides and polybrominated diethyl ethers, 724 subjects; dioxins, furans, coplanar PCBs, and non-dioxin-like PCBs, 702 subjects; see Figure 1).
The Molex EXTreme Ten60Power[TM] connector is a modular high-current power and signal system in a coplanar and right-angle board-to-board orientation.
Results of the present study show that treatment with both coplanar and non-coplanar PCBs markedly increased activity of NOX.
Suggested topics include but are not limited to RFIC and MMIC design, EM analysis of coplanar waveguide structures, LTE system simulation, microwave components, RF and microwave circuit boards, and RF SoCs, SiPs, and modules.
RESULTS: Oral administration of coplanar PCB126, mono-ortho-substituted PCB118, and non-coplanar PCB153 (each at 150 [micro]mol/kg body weight) differentially altered expression of the TJ proteins claudin-5, occludin, and zonula occludens-1 in brain capillaries.
The FOD8012 offer best-in-class noise immunity resulting from its proprietary Optoplanar coplanar packaging technology.
Furthermore, the concentrations of coplanar PCBs represented 3-300 times the ADI values set by the World Health Organization.
3V/5V high-speed logic gate optocoupler, offers best-in-class noise immunity through its patented coplanar OPTOPLANAR[R] packaging technology.
Nevertheless, all the eggs analyzed had at least 3 times the ADI of coplanar PCBs, which are among the most toxic members of their chemical family.
These new additions are part of Fairchild's comprehensive portfolio of high performance optocouplers that offer best-in-class noise immunity resulting from its proprietary coplanar packaging technology, Optoplanar([R]).
Most of the early work on PCBassociated health problems focused on the coplanar molecules, but there is now evidence that non-coplanar PCBs may cause trouble of their own (coplanar and noncoplanar refer to the chemical structure of the PCBs in question).
It provides data rates of over 25 Gbps, superior signal density and flexible configurations including the recently introduced CoPlanar Connector System and Mezzanine Connector System.