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in an abundant manner

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SUCCESSIVE Congresses having greatly impoverished the People, they were discouraged and wept copiously.
Of course he made a point of partaking copiously of all the delectable messes that now appeared at table, for both the cooks were on their mettle, and he fared sumptuously every day.
One eye, of normal size, dim-brown and misty, bulged to the verge of popping out, and as if from senility wept copiously and continuously.
During the three months voyage to India he 'devoured' and in many cases copiously annotated a vast number of books in 'Greek, Latin, Spanish, Italian, French, and English; folios, quartos, octavos, and duodecimos.
Helen and Margaret walked the earnest girl as far as Battersea Bridge Station, arguing copiously all the way.
Thou drinkest copiously at the sea: that doth thine embittered eloquence betray
Young Rawdon's aunt, we have said, was very fond of him, as was her little girl, who wept copiously when the time for her cousin's departure came.
I scarcely touched it, but he drank copiously, and before eleven I left him incoherent.
A book-case filled with dingy medical works, and ornamented at the top with a skull, in place of the customary bust; a large deal table copiously splashed with ink; wooden chairs of the sort that are seen in kitchens and cottages; a threadbare drugget in the middle of the floor; a sink of water, with a basin and waste-pipe roughly let into the wall, horribly suggestive of its connection with surgical operations-- comprised the entire furniture of the room.
The mother again wept copiously, while the remark, "Tom's an ass," expressed the emotions of the father.
He was in a state of profound cogitation, with his own thoughts, and it was his custom at such times to stew himself slowly, under the impression that that process of cookery was favourable to the melting out of his ideas, which, when he began to simmer, sometimes oozed forth so copiously as to astonish even himself.
At this affecting appeal, Goodwin got up a little domestic tragedy of her own, and shed tears copiously.
Dropping in at Mr Sampson Brass's office on the previous evening, in the absence of that gentleman and his learned sister, he had lighted upon Mr Swiveller, who chanced at the moment to be sprinkling a glass of warm gin and water on the dust of the law, and to be moistening his clay, as the phrase goes, rather copiously.
Copiously illustrated with black-and-white and some full-color photography of ancient artworks and artifacts, The Greeks in Asia is a nuanced tour of how the Greeks influenced numerous other cultures, many with significantly older histories and traditions.
Further, he has written copiously on education and represented Pakistan at various education conferences from time to time.