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Synonyms for copious

Synonyms for copious

Synonyms for copious

large in number or quantity (especially of discourse)


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affording an abundant supply

References in classic literature ?
For the heroic times of copious bleeding and blistering had not yet departed, still less the times of thorough-going theory, when disease in general was called by some bad name, and treated accordingly without shilly-shally--as if, for example, it were to be called insurrection, which must not be fired on with blank-cartridge, but have its blood drawn at once.
With Hugh's assistance, however, he contrived to stagger to the pump; and having refreshed himself with an abundant draught of cold water, and a copious shower of the same refreshing liquid on his head and face, he ordered some rum and milk to be served; and upon that innocent beverage and some biscuits and cheese made a pretty hearty meal.
They appeared in the form of a copious review of a work on Chinese metaphysics, Sir,' said Pott.
The vehemence of my agitation brought on a copious bleeding at the nose, and still Heathcliff laughed, and still I scolded.
Wragge has had a copious selection of assumed names hammered into her head in the course of her matrimonial career.
But I confess, that, after I had been a little too copious in talking of my own beloved country, of our trade and wars by sea and land, of our schisms in religion, and parties in the state; the prejudices of his education prevailed so far, that he could not forbear taking me up in his right hand, and stroking me gently with the other, after a hearty fit of laughing, asked me, "whether I was a whig or tory?
The worthy captain acted as physician, prescribing profuse sweatings and copious bleedings, and uniformly with success, if the patient were subsequently treated with proper care.
A copious draught of the pure water which flowed at our feet served to complete the meal, and after it we rose sensibly refreshed, and prepared for whatever might befall us.
your staff are well behaved (no big fat cigars, copious champagne and generally loud and unruly behaviour).
In mild-winter areas, plant seeds of both in full sun now for copious blooms in spring.
To defend and steer his brothers -- who rarely think out their copious crimes before committing them, and are far more prone to felonious behavior than abiding by even one or two laws -- Tommy ends up with as much if not more blood on his hands.
These soldiers consistently complained of copious, nearly explosive diarrhea.
Collison has done her research well: details of life on ship, diseases, injuries and treatments, battles and politics, women who sailed with the men--these details are copious and realistic.
Histologic examination of the cystic contents identified epidermis, sebaceous glands, and hair follicles along with copious sebaceous material.
Based upon extensive manuscript sources, particularly the copious Rodgers family papers, and numerous articles, essays, and monographs on American naval history, Commodore John Rodgers paints a vivid picture of the man who served with great distinction in the Quasi-War with France, the Barbary War, and the War of 1812; dedicated himself to building a strong navy of the absolute highest professional standards; and put his beliefs to the test.