coping stone

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a stone that forms the top of wall or building

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In another incident, a huge coping stone, which had been removed from a bridge parapet, fell on to a train.
Leslie had been cutting a coping stone with a hand-held electric circular saw when the high-speed cutting disc split.
If the wall has a coping stone on top to shed the rainwater away, then a damp-proof course under the coping will keep the wall beneath dry.
On the facade you may see what looks like an ordinary problem of settlement cracks, open brick joints and coping stone joints.
A wall will start to crumble from exposure to the elements, like frost, especially if the wall has had no coping stone fitted on top.
The traditional detail is to lay a coping stone on top of the wall and fit directly underneath it a damp proof course.
They shoved a heavy coping stone off a railway bridge into the path of a train,damaging it and nearly forcing it off the track.
He threw a banana skin at their home, sprayed their car windscreen with a hose while the mother and child were inside and used a tin to repeatedly strike a coping stone dividing the houses' gardens.
About a dozen individuals also arrived at my house one night and put bricks through the windows and a coping stone through the patio doors.
The simplest method is to use a dense concrete coping stone set on top of the wall with a damp proof course beneath it.
95 mA, relocation of existing scanned sculptures, wall coping stone placement: 110 m2, making wall coverings 88.
uk/kirklees/rural CROSLAND HILL: Aug 20 - Yorkshire stone coping stone stole.
100% of coping stones to gables, balconies and parapet courses y
It has been repeatedly vandalised over the past decade, most recently having its coping stones broken off and thrown into the river.
The roof has been entirely rebuilt, though the original slates and coping stones have all been reused.