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a handsaw with a taut thin blade

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Taking our tool analogy one step further, it is not a matter of indifference which standard they use any more (to return to our tool analogy) than it is a matter of indifference if one uses a rip saw rather than a coping saw to do detailed cabinet work.
Eifel recently used 3DView to facilitate the collaboration process and shorten design time in working with Power Corporation to design the PowerCope electric coping saw.
Using a miter box and coping saw, we cut the appropriate-size dowel rods to hold the birdhouse together.
First, arm yourself with the proper tools, including a pry bar and hammer to remove existing trim, a measuring tape, miter saw, coping saw, some finishing nails and a ladder.
To make the cuts round the wash basin and WC, make a cardboard template and trace the shape on to the laminate, then cut with a jigsaw or coping saw.
You'll need a band, saber, or coping saw, a drill with a 3/4-inch bit and a pilot bit for 2-inch #6 screws, a rasp, a router with a 3/4-inch rounding-over bit (optional), a vise, hammer, nailset, screwdriver, and sandpaper.
If you don't have either, you can use a coping saw, and if necessary, you can even get by without a saw.
Insulating foam is stiff and can be sawed with a hacksaw blade, coping saw, or a razor knife.