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a relief pilot on an airplane


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The CoPilot Truck app provides voice-guided, truck-specific GPS navigation for professional drivers though iPhone, iPad and Android devices via the iTunes App Store and Google Play.
The copilot then began a descending, decelerating turn onto the final approach to the site at 60 knots.
MirrorLink(TM) Connected Car Demo CoPilot has long been ready for the connected car revolution and designed for safe, non-distracting in-car guidance.
Once I saw the copilot exit the cockpit, I realized that I actually was going to bailout.
CoPilot Live Premium is available to purchase through Android Market for a seven-day introductory price of GBP14.
At JAL, 10 of the around 3,100 pilots and 94 of the roughly 4,800 mechanics are female, while ANA has 14 female copilots, according to the airlines.
In addition to satellite navigation, CoPilot offers real-time location tracking, messaging and the ability to send new destinations to the driver.
The copilot had been hearing the sound intermittently throughout the flight, but it had been for only a few seconds at a time, and never loud enough for the other crew members to hear.
The copilot had to administer the morphine and put a tourniquet on my right arm or I would have bled to death because my main artery had been severed,'' Jim said.
Why is it we have copilots on airplanes but we didn't have a copilot on a super tanker like the Exxon-Valdez?
On August 1, 1982, Larry W Morrison, a pilot for Northwest Airlines, was scheduled to copilot an early-morning flight out of Las Vegas.
We are delighted to make ActiveTraffic a standard feature for our CoPilot Live Premium customers.
ALK Technologies has successfully completed Motorola Solutions Validated Program for its incorporated GPS software applications, CoPilot Live Professional and CoPilot Truck.
Award-winning CoPilot GPS navigation apps return to the Microsoft platform.