copepod crustacean

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minute marine or freshwater crustaceans usually having six pairs of limbs on the thorax

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Identification and developmental expression of the enzymes responsible for dopamine, histamine, octopamine and serotonin biosynthesis in the copepod crustacean Calanus finmarchicus.
A deep transcriptomic resource for the copepod crustacean Labidocera madurae: a potential indicator species for assessing near shore ecosystem health.
With respect to the copepod crustaceans collected by the Albatross, it is essential to recognize the two principal, although artificial, copepod groups.
However, persons of influence recognized direct and indirect links between fish and invertebrates, such as the copepod crustaceans, and their study was encouraged in those early days.
For a long time GFPs were described only from some cnidarians, and it is only recently that they were also found in copepod crustaceans.